A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This morning as I worked on my birthday mandala
I thought about
how we are born with the potential
to be... to do
whatever/whoever we desire
because we are born with
free will.
We get to choose.
My first title - the thoughts that rummage through my mind-
was "beans and buds"
they both have potential
beans into coffee
buds into blossoms
but only if there is nurturing
water, sun
some grinding..
and of course that thought gave rise to
am I using all my potential
all my gifts
Life is a gift
and in return for it
I believe we give back to life
all we are capable of
all the love and blessings of giving to others
in whatever way or form
we can

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LauraX said...

I so agree! Your birthday mandala is beautiful!