A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This morning as I worked on my birthday mandala
I thought about
how we are born with the potential
to be... to do
whatever/whoever we desire
because we are born with
free will.
We get to choose.
My first title - the thoughts that rummage through my mind-
was "beans and buds"
they both have potential
beans into coffee
buds into blossoms
but only if there is nurturing
water, sun
some grinding..
and of course that thought gave rise to
am I using all my potential
all my gifts
Life is a gift
and in return for it
I believe we give back to life
all we are capable of
all the love and blessings of giving to others
in whatever way or form
we can

Friday, January 28, 2011

Waiting Room Mandala

While I wait, it gives me time
to listen within
but instead
I hear so much outside my self
and try not to make judgements
Sometimes I find compassion rising
and other times
I learn so much more about myself
People come and go
but I continue to sit and wait for you
conversations change

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This must be a record...

waking to snow again here in NY...
although I must say, it is really beautiful to look at...

it look so heavy

and so very full

and now the fun begins...
digging out the car once again..
where do I put this stuff?!?!

Monday, January 24, 2011


joining together
These are the thought that entered my mind as I created this mandala.
Like-minded souls coming together
to share their piece of truth.
We live on the outer edge of the wheel
each of us going about our lives.
It is a special moment as we enter into union with another
or a group with common interests..
joining together
coming into the center
what truly matters.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Reap what you sow

Whatever seed you plant, that will be what comes to fruit. We all know that if you plant an apple seed, it will be apples that you will feast upon when the fruit ripens.
Why would it be any different with our thoughts... where my attention lies is where things will come to be.. my loving thoughts will manifest into loving attention on those things around me. If I look to the outside world focused on beauty.. that is what I will see.
Obvious.. no?
Well, why do we...I.. keep forgetting.. I won't speak for you. Only myself.
Sometimes we dig our heels in, stubbornly seeing only our side of the situation... only our own perspective.. and we know there is always another way to look at something.

I had in mind an idea... but for some odd reason, I could not find what I was looking for.. I looked and looked because there was this IDEA I had.. and I could not let go... I searched and searched. Moments of hope whithered away when I still turned up empty handed...
Finally, this morning I had a shift. Let it go. I wrote in my journal, did morning pages.. questioning the situation.. why, why could I not find what I was looking for.. did I even HAVE it.. doubts entered but nooooo, I do, I know I do... but the good thing was out of it came more unpacked boxes and I put more stuff away, progress of a different sort. It was good, very good that I was also finding other things.. things I needed to use.
Then another idea... If you continue to come upon a brick wall, take another path.
Change your mind.
I did.
I was planting a seed, but for some reason I expected a different outcome. Maybe it just isn't ripe yet and I need to wait with it.. be patient.
Instead with a shift in my willing to let go, something else entered into the picture and I became just as excited about it.
thanks for the lesson Universe.

Saturday, January 08, 2011


I was thinking about healing and how it comes in layers. I would love for it to happen instantaneously... but find it comes in waves.. in layers.
This is the second mandala I did while waiting for John yesterday.. the other one is here.
It is what helps keep me from worrying and freaking out by keeping my mind focused. The snow is what had me concerned, but mandala helped me get through it.. keeping me calm and using it as prayer.
I believe our healing abilities come when we are in balance, so I try to do what brings balance. Bring the body, mind and emotions into balance. Easy to say, not so hard to follow when you are pulled in many directions by the outside world. One MUST come to a point where you give back to yourself the nurturing you need... quiet time, good healthy food, rich relationships, and even having to say "no thank you"... to turn inward to find your own answers, live your own truth and find what makes you deliriously happy and go there :-)
We learn in layers. We heal in layers.. moment by moment... learning to be absorbed in each moment, being the best we can be.
Savor each and every one.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Mandala's Magic....

The above mandala in the round is from my friend Kie and given as a gift to my husband for healing. Her mother in law made it and it is so very beautiful and special and hung where we see it all the time. Thank you Kie. My husband is deeply grateful.
I love mandalas - making them and seeing how they are made from others, from my many friends from the Mandala Oasis group to others found on facebook. They have the magical quality of calm for me. I become centered while making them and have been creating them in abundance this past year - one of the benefits of the year past.. thank you.
Looking back, there are those gems, those moments when you realize how strong you are, how you can actually move through a challenging situation and find yourself on the other end of it.
This is something to remember.
When you go through a crisis, and then know when another crisis comes around, you can say: I did it before, I can do it again... and this too shall pass. It always does.
There is always the other side of the door - grow through it!
There's where mandalas magic lies.. in it's presence.. a centering calm... a grounding... the Now.
Being in the present moment is the only place you can find peace.. never in the regrets of the past or the fears/worries of the future...never.
Only here.
Only now.
and that's where healing comes from. being in the now and enjoying this moment.
loving this moment.
being love.
and then sharing it.
I send a new year's message to you, my friends.. one that wishes you to always look to love for your answer. It will never steer you wrong.
I wish you all those deep dreams and desires to become manifested. To know your true north, your purpose in being and share it.
Shine a light on your talents
and may 2011 show you how wonderful you are.