A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, November 23, 2007

Keep Thanking

It's so easy to remember to be thankful when You are reminded about it on days such as thanksgiving... but to make a habit of it is another thing.
Everyday Yogini has gotten me to commit to making it a daily habit. Others have joined as well. I have started Gratitude journals here and there and usually because my "meditation/journal space" either got cluttered or the book got lost in a pile somewhere, it ended with a large pause. My computer space never gets cluttered :-)

No work today, but I had a "mom" day. Took her to therapy, home, back out to have her hair done. She definitely got her exercise today and I'm grateful it didn't rain! It was actually quite nice out, although a bit cold. I dropped off the tiles that I finally finished. They are done!
I'm thankful I have let them go and created some space. I have some SPACE! I worked a little bit on a canvas and plan on doing a little bit more and tomorrow as well.
Thankful that I didn't have to go anywhere near a store!
I have the rest of the weekend to do some art. Art for ME!!!
No obligations.
Sometimes it is just the fact that I don't have to do anything that makes me so very happy and so very thankful.
Thankful that my husband is cooking :-)

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