A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wellness Wednesday and Gratitude

This is St. Rose of Lima. It was the first image I saw as I walked into the church. mmm. didn't know there was a saint Rose of Lima...and she's holding a book. I love books...and you would know that by walking into our home. There are books everywhere!
Life has been really busy, limiting computer/blogging time. Even my art time.
I spent the day yesterday working with the kids, creating art, taking pictures and thoroughly enjoying myself. I was a bit late and they beat me to class. They were so filled with joy when they saw me coming and it picked me up to the point where I felt all their love entering my body. I love these kids. Aside from being so cute, they are so thoughtful and respectful. I really felt appreciation from them for being there. They love this and so do I. This is one of my blessings, to bring art to these kids.
Following this, I had a great adjustment from the best chiropractor and friend in the world....so good to talk to. So grateful to have her in my life!
Yoga followed that. A new student and as anyone knows who does yoga... it feels soooooooooo good.
And then, to put the icing on the cake, my husband and I spent a wonderful evening talking about lots of things from the wonder of life to my going back to Peru. Yes! He is OK with it.
You see that picture above. That is me at Machu Picchu. I visualized it before I went and it came to be. Now, I am continuing the journey - a sacred journey - to Lake Titicaca.
Grateful? oh yes... so very grateful. I love my husband dearly and the only difficult part is being away from him... but this is a journey for me.
Peru awakened something in me that I cannot ignore and it felt like it was just a taste... Now for another bite!
Life is so very delicious.
So much to be grateful for.
If St. Rose had anything to do with it.......thanks :-)

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Everyday Yogini said...

Life IS delicious... how wonderful to have the support and love to follow your dreams! I am excited for you and your return to Peru!