A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here's to the blogging world:

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful and inspiring art.

Thanks for putting your heart and soul out there for others to see and to realize that we are not so different from one another.

Thanks for your comments... it feels good to know someone out there is listening.

Through the internet and blogging in particular, the world has become so much smaller and accessible. Doesn't matter what you look like, where you live, or what you have or do... it's a joy to be able to get to know you. Amazing..............

A day to be thankful.. yes, MUCH to be thankful for. For my husband, always there for me, ALL WAYS and Always.

Thankful Jake has a job :-) and he is happy. That is all that matters. As long as you are happy.

Thanks Jessi, that you are there sharing it all with him. Thank you. Thank you. and of course for the Leonard Cohen obsession.......

Thankful for my friends. The special one's I can call for spiritual reflection, for art advice, to get it off my chest, and knowing I don't have to be perfect and you'll like me anyway :-)

Thanks for my family. I'm lucky to have a family so close and lucky to be able to spend the day with them today. And now I have the recipe for the best stuffing in the world, thanks to my mom..........

Thankful for those who give me challenging work, creative work, work that I love to do.

Thankful for clients who are friends and friends who are clients. It makes it easy to work and create for them. So many creative ideas........

I am grateful for my eyes and hands and what they are capable of creating and the beauty that I soak into my body through my eyes... so very grateful for these hands... communicating, creating, holding, grasping and then letting go......

arms to embrace

lips to kiss

tongue to taste (oh so many delicious foods!)

my legs to carry me through out the day.

Grateful for discovering yoga... thank you to all you yoga teachers out there. especially Susan.

Grateful for all those who write books to help us make our lives better... spiritually, artistically, and just for pure enjoyment.

thanks to the Dali Lama for being who you are... so peaceful to look at your face. How could one not smile :-)

Thanks for my camera and all those fantastic photographers out there. I could see parts of the world that I know I will never get to... at least not in this life time.

Thanks for paint and brushes.. another voice for me.
Mother Earth, Pachamama, who carries us upon her and provides for us, thank you, thank you.
Thanks to all you who help protect her.
The sun.
Clouds when there is too much sun..





oh, so much more to be thankful for.....................................


Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

I LOVE the Machu Picchu photo!!! We are planning on going in 2008. Your look of joy (if that's you) is truly inspiring. Thank you.

Carmen said...

Thank YOU!!!
You beautiful YOU!!!