A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In the flow of things....

I woke this morning feeling extremely blessed!

I love those kind of days... feeling grateful for my wonderful husband, grateful for my work and grateful for BLOGS! The internet, ways to connect that in the past we couldn't have imagined, (although someone did :-)

I had a wonderful class last night. I'm feeling more comfortable and confident and I love the class and the people in it. 6 students with different perspectives and it is a joy! It's stimulating my own ideas and it is exactly the forward move that I needed.

Back to Blogs.... I was thinking how important it is to share with others our excitment about the blessings in our life. When we feel good, we want to share it, and sometimes no one is around to share it with, for whatever reason. Too early in the morning to call anyone, husband is off to work, people are at a distance, maybe it's something our family just won't get... but we need to share with someone! Blogs! Here to share with anyone interested........

I thought of my artist/healer/traveling friend Mai-Liis that I have met because of the internet. She was able to share some wonderful news here in cyberspace rather than open her doors to the neighbors and release her joy (although I did recommend she do it anyway :-)

And there is dear sweet Carmen who shares this sentiment with me. It is one of my favorite blogs because she is so uplifting and strong and caring... she has become a blogger friend :-)

It has opened up a whole new exciting world, with friends around the globe that I can visit anytime.

Feeling blessed, filled with love to overflowing... this is a perfect way to wake to a new day.

Life is good.


Mai-Liis said...

I love blogs, also! Every now and then, someone says to me "I can't believe you went to Peru with someone you didn't even know!", and I say "oh, but I DID know her. We had just never MET." Only bloggers can understand that one gets to know the heart of someone through their blog,
and it is exactly why I "popped the question" of "Would you be interested in going to Machu Picchu with me?" I'd do it again in a flash!
Hah! I AM doing it again! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Mai-Liis said...

Uh...As thrilled as I am to have you refer to me as "healer", I have to admit that I am still waiting on someone to say that I have healed them. There....now, I feel honest again.

Doe Grozs Art said...

moving in that direction :-)
(sorry) but it's how I see you anyway....
LOA :-)