A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, April 07, 2008

New Moon - Spring??

I like writing some intentions for the new moon. This one seems especially important as it's in Aries and we begin again. New cycle starts this circle of time.
It didn't really feel like spring yesterday. Cloudy and chilly and I still needed my winter coat.
But it IS spring and with it the new moon in Aries in my 8th house. Interestingly this is the house of taxes and I'm sure one of those planets is playing havoc because it has been an odd money week. I "miscalculated" my milage.... don't ask. Works out that the money Bush is giving us goes right back to him.... mmmm. so much for stimulating the economy...
A VERY old bill came calling... At first I allowed it all to hit me. WHAM!
But then decided I can choose to let this get to me or "it is what it is" - deal with it and let it go.
After all, I have the money, but it was the old "pain-body" awareness that I saw. Thanks Eckhart. You know what I mean if you're reading A New Earth. So, oh yeah, I see that. I see where it's coming from. So..... seeee YA!
And this is what brings me to my intention. To catch this stuff you have to be present with what you are feeling. Be concious of your thoughts and how you are feeling.
My intention is being in the present moment NOW. Also to deal with it NOW. Procrastination gets me into trouble and way too stressful.
Aries is about ACTION and that is what I intend. Taking action as it comes up.
Letting go of stuff I have no control over (taxes). I can choose to feel differently about them, or to think differently, though.
From Chamalu':
"The past is a corpse....Don't go through life carrying a casket on your back. Mistakes aren't bad in themselves. If we are conscious, they form part of a valuable teaching. Extract the nectar of what has happened to give you power for the present. (love that) The worst we can do is to wander disoriented on the periphery of the present, which each day, upon awakening, we are given. Forget what has happened: the future is only the harvest of the seed you plant in the present..... the best way to have an acceptable future is to be happy in the present."

I do what I love... and love what I do.
Make it ALL a work of art :-)


JMEC said...


Doe Grozs Art said...

That translates to luck.
mmmm. did you mean.. good luck with that! or you really do wish me luck :-)

Mai-Liis said...

It is so exciting to have you be on this same trip! Regarding Eckhart...really like that name!...I used to wonder why every time I mourned someone close to me, ALL my losses came up. And, here is the answer: the pain body.:-) I am almost giddy with joy!