A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I under estimated how long this project of mine would take.
I collected all the boards (35 40"x60" foamcore boards). I wrap them in paper - black, purple, blue.... and then begin mounting the art and photos and quotes.
I have photos of the children and match them up to their art. Clever quotes are strategically placed here and there. I keep printing out photos, ones that catch that perfect moment of a child being in the creative moment.
I've been working on this for two weeks now - every spare moment. I was thinking it would have been brought over to the exhibit space by now - having it hung by today.
Nope. I still have 4 boards laid out but not "attached" and two boards that need to be done.
I ran out of tape - the one that roles out so easily.
I ran out of ink. (Magenta - yikes!)
I ran out of steam.
Yesterday after working all day long, through lunch, with the time cutting close to yoga class. I had to stop and clean up in order to go home to get ready for my class.
Exhausted. Hungry. and what do I do... spill sequins all over the floor. Sequins and rhinestone scattered about - "WHAT THE #*%! "
I stopped.
I laughed.
I took a picture.
ok. Putting it in perspective..... it is what it is.
There are times when we have these grand ideas. We expect it to be as perfect as in our mind, but I wonder if there isn't a larger "law" out there that we need to learn from.
It happens as it should happen, no matter how much I push my agenda. So I learn to let go. I allow the flow of the process to unfold.
There's a matter of balance. Putting my energy into something to the exclusion of all else does not make for a healthy life.
Why do I forget this?
Next year when I look back at this blog.
Here is a reminder to my Self..................
START EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mai-Liis said...

"Self-punishment" came to my mind when I read your entry. I then began examining the word, and I wonder whether we place ourselves into stressful situations as a form of punishment....Have never thought of it this way before, I have to admit.

Next year you will not be the same Doreen. You may even have gotten someone to do all the attaching of the photos for you....or, have let go of some other part of the project.

Doe Grozs Art said...

Actually John told me of a group that volunteers and I know one of the kids.. At least to wrap the boards.
The thing is, I really LOVE putting this together. Having the pressure of getting it done by a certain time though is not fun. There are "windows" of time to bring these boards into the building and once there gone, I have to wait. The thing is, I made a bigger deal out of it than it really is. I found pictures that wouldn't have gotten into the show if it went according to MY schedule.
Next year I really do need to start earlier, most likely in the begining of March.
So do you think procrastination is self punishment? or self-sabotage?

mermaid musings said...

Great picture!
I am so glad you laugh and took that shot.