A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The 11th hour and 59th minute.

I was aware of how yesterday was flowing. All the boards were brought over, I just needed to show up and hang them. I had only yoga at 5:00 and no other obligation.

I showed up. Work was still hanging from the previous show and some pieces were still in the case. ok, well I'll take them down and put them in the conference room.

Conference room is where all the boards I needed to hang were stored as well.

The thing was, there was a conference going on in the conference room!!!

"Excuse me, I so sweetly said, but I need to get these boards out of here" and my reply was they would only be another 15 minutes..... so I went to the powers that be and told the mayors secretary and she quickly responded by getting the custodian to get the boards out of there... much easier for me :-)

mmmm... I walk back into the conference room again, "Excuse me again," this time speaking with the mayor herself, there are boards still hanging from the middle school. Where can I put them?" I ask ever so sweetly........ she looked to the Superindentent of schools sitting right next to her and me who coincidently has his office at the school where these teachers happen to be.

"I'll call and have a custodian come".

ok. Life is good and I begin the process of placing boards along the hallway. Taking down the old work and replacing it with the new. It's now 1:30 and no one has come for the boards and now I need to case. I prepare to leave and in walks the teacher. Perfect timing.

He didn't need to come any sooner really. He needed to be there when I was ready and he was.

This quote from The Intenders came today:

"In fact, he said, as hard as it is to get used to, there are times when it's definitely in our highest good to have things come to us at the last minute. How else, he asked, would we learn about trust? "

I began putting things in the case, art - photos - quotes.... squeezing it all in. Done at 4:30!

Just enought time to go home and get ready for yoga class. Trust - even if it comes at the 11th hour, it still comes. Not always on our time - our comfort zone time - but as it should be.

Did I tell you how it just so happened that a group of town workers came out into the lobby just in time to help me move a shelf?

Thanks to the Universe for another round of Trust Lessons!

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Mai-Liis said...

Thank you for the quote from the Intenders. I signed up today. Doreen, you do amazing work, and you have come far! I find myself thinking to that time with Jesus in Cuzco, and how I have started dating everything from that time forward.
It's the trip that has lasted all year!
Love, Mai-Liis