A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, June 08, 2007

Another piece of Victor Delfin's work. This one expresses how I am feeling.
How many projects can I feed at the same time?
I realized that some of the information I need for some work I have to do is on my other computer which is buried in the room with my brother's stuff!!!! (he just moved) It would be so much easier to take it off that computer... If I could get at it!
More work. I want to play.
It hit me last night (sleepless in NY) how much work I needed to get done. What was I thinking when I thought we could go into the city this weekend????
Looking at her expression, she seems so "aloof" to me. She's not worrying...It all gets done.
Today I focus on painting :-) Feeding at least one mouth - Manja!

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Living Out Loud said...

I wanted this print! I find it really disturbing, and that intrigued me. Perhaps, it's because the dogs have been given the food, but instead of eating, they are still snarling. And, is she o.k. with letting them do their
"thing" or is she withdrawn....and then she's going to be surprised when one of them bites her? This is the only one of Delphin's work which bothered me!