A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rarely red

Some things in life are so loud and scream at you while other things are so subtle, hidden, waiting to be discovered.
Although I really like color, I tend to wear colors that help me blend in. At times I have worn bright or unusual clothing. Something artsey. But, for the most part, I blend. Earthy, muted colors, soft on the eyes, but sometimes just too boring. Rarely do I wear red.
Once in awhile I want to be noticed and I'll wear something that screams out at you. These were those impulse buys that mostly sit in the closet. I have a multicolored jacket in there that I wore walking with John. Fun, and for those times when I want to say "Pay attention to me". Sometimes too much attention.... and lots of comments.
Sometimes I feel I should dress the part of an artist more. What does an artist look like?
Pick your persona.
What part do you want to play today?
Before going to Peru, Mai-Liis and I discussed clothing. Who do we want to be - what "costume" shall we wear... That was intriguing. Travel to a place no one knows you and you can try on all kinds of "personalities".
Maybe it is an age thing. In high school, I had no problem wearing unusual attire. I guess I would fit into the hippie category. Before that was the "greaser" look. Short skirts, lots of makeup.
I had a teacher once that went around the class saying who was the Westchester type, who belonged here and who didn't based on what we were wearing. I had on my worn, torn jeans and funky blazer with appliqued star patches. He said I didn't belong. I proved him wrong.

Now I am all about comfort rather than looks. At least I match. Unlike my father who wore mismatched plaids - pants, socks, shirts. He didn't give a s--t.
Loud has it's place and so does subtle.
I like hidden things, details waiting to be discovered. It shows people are paying attention when they notice the details. The necklace, watch, ring.
Besides, I think it is my art I would like others to notice more than me and what I am wearing. I don't want to be the distraction, at least not yet :-)

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