A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Taking a day off!

I like the view from above. Although I am afraid of heights (looking straight down or being too close to an edge) I would rather be high on a mountain looking out, taking in the vast distances we normally cannot see.

I don't like the feeling of being closed in. While in White Plains the past weekend, I felt uncomfortable standing by the tall buildings that are being built there. It's a strain on the neck to look up. Do we really need our buildings to be that high. We are so far above the ground, distancing ourselves further and further from the earth. We are losing our groundedness, losing the sense of the earth and it's energy beneath our feet. We walk on concrete rather than the soft feel of earth, soil, mud, grass. Even stone.

Tall buildings block out the sun. It only shows reflections of it on the mirrored windows.

Returning from my trip, I was still filled with energy. Was it because I was so connected to the Earth, surrounded by so much of her beauty, feeling such profound joy at being in touch with her. Walking on her. Feeling her beneath my feet. Allowing her energy to enter me without blockages or seperations. We need to be more connected to her rather than rise so far above her that we can no longer feel or connect with her.

A note to myself: take daily walks on the earth. sit on the grass. walk in the woods. go to the beach.

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