A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Full Moon eclipse

Universal Transit Tidbit ... for August 28th, 2007
Have you been feeling the mellow buzz in the air? Or would it be in the sea (of emotions)? Today we experience a
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 6:35 AM EDT. The intensity has been building for the last couple of days, and to me it feels as thought it has somewhat cleared away. This Lunar Eclipse takes place at 4 Degrees of Pisces 46 minutes. (Chart of Lunar Eclipse)
This particular
Lunar Eclipse is asking us to release that which no longer serves your highest interests. This is not an easy task, for if the universe is asking us to let go, that must mean that we are holding on to tightly, and when our grasp is so firm, it may feel uncomfortable to release or transform a situation, person, place or thing from our life. Pisces pulls in vibrations that are not known to us, for it deals with the spiritual realities, karma and the unconscious mind. When taping into the unconscious mind, we may find it difficult to understand the ‘why’ we must let go. There is no logic that will make sense at this point, one must feel their way through the process and trust in the universal synchronicities that are being sent to them.
For in many ways it is our heart asking us to make the changes that are necessary in life, the changes that one may not like on the surface level or short term outcome. But look to the stars, the hopes that lie within your heart center, find how a short term outcome can have a drastic impact on the long term results.
For things in life must come to an end at times, and then those ends will eventually start a new beginning. Perhaps your current situation and the drastic emotions felt around it are stopping you from being all that you can be, so the removal of something, or the awareness of it’s unhealthy aspect, will aid in the alignment of your Souls desire.
Allow the process to unfold naturally and every time you find it difficult on an emotional or spiritual level, ask yourself… WHY? Why is it difficult for you, look back to the cycles within your life and you will see clearly the pattern, you will see how to break the pattern that you keep repeating. For if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same result. So in the end realize, if you desire a different end result, then you must change what your are doing.
This sums up what I have been feeling lately. I am expecting some changes, but I know I need to release some bad habits, physically, emotionally - it helps me by clearing out some physical stuff. With each non-essential object I can release my "holding on".

We spent some time on the Esopus throwing stones and with each stone, with it went a worry or fear - a "heavy energy". In The Andean Way, Delgado writes about the people leaving stones, piled one on top another, on their way to the shrines in the mountains. Each stone represents a sorrow, fear, guilt or some other heavy energy that one wants to leave behind. They are called apachetas which means "Take it away".

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