A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Saying goodbye

Camp is winding down. I had a long day and the last period seemed to be twice the size. The fifth grade boys came into the tent to create. They have become quite comfortable there. They had art this morning and Jake came up with an idea of making mops with yarn and dowels. They created a mess somewhere in the park and they were to clean it up, so instead of this being a chore, they chose to have fun with it. Jake is filled with ideas that the rest of the group fondly follow. He had all the boys make a chain of loopers ( we used to make pot holders with them). The chain was 10 yrds. short of the football field. They love art.

My sad part of the day is about this little 3rd grade girl. She and her brother were brought here from Russia. They were in an orphanage there, but for some reason, they are going back tomorrow. From what I learned today they must go back but can return in Feb. In just a few short weeks, I have seen this girl go from quiet, shy, hardly smiling at all to really opening up. Now you can see her beautiful smile, and is very playful. She's comfortable at camp and works at communicating. She is so sweet.

How can someone go back after having a taste of this life. I am praying she has a quick return back here.

As much as camp drains me, I always miss the kids.

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