A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Narragansett House

We are back.
I was thinking how connected I was on this vacation to water. First the Esopus, then the Atlantic Ocean. My readings coincided with this as well. Second chakra in Susan's book and reading Foolsgold by Susan Woolridge. (the part where she loses her keys to the wave that takes her by surprise - not paying attention)
Connection, paying attention. Listening.
During the school year, which is how I measure my years from beginning to end, I am filled with a constant noise of, "what's next?", "where am I today?", who, what, when, where....
this vacation was the opposite. Nothing was planned. Maybe we would end up where we intended to go and maybe not. Moment by moment. Deciding in the moment. Little decision-making at all, the hardest being what to get off the menu.
Even that was easy at times. Salmon at Turtle Soup - didn't even need the menu!
It is usually at these times that I feel most blessed. The cabin in the mountains is great, but this house - this beautiful house that I watched go from a little bungalow to a most beautiful, comfortable 3-story gem is pure delight.
I barter for it.
I paint tiles which are placed throughout the house. Kitchen, bathrooms, tile coasters placed strategically through the whole house. It's a good working deal. He's happy. We're happy.

On the way to Wickford, a great little shopping village with one of the last stamp stores remaining called Chica Ink, we stop by the side of the road to see these lotus blossoms.
To keep this feeling, I set an intention for myself to pay more attention - attention to myself and how I am feeling, more attention to others, to really listen and pay attention to what they are saying. (Might help me to remember names too)
Pay attention to the environment, to all the little messages the world has to tell me.


JoTee said...

I always enjoy reading & viewing your vacation...looks lovely, peaceful & very inviting.

Doe Grozs Art said...

Hey Jody! I'm putting up more pics later. thanks :-)