A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Intentions are set....

I am yearning for some time to get messy and do some creating. I did clean out on closet at the Rec where I teach art classes. Nice to see all this "stuff" organized. I still have 2 more closets to empty out and although they gave me only 2 new closets, I am hoping to obtain one more. Ok. The intention is set here. I have 3 new closets! All my supplies are organized so I can be more efficient in finding supplies and teaching. It must be the power of Virgo here.
For myself, I have decided to do some collages for the new year. Every New Year's eve, rather than go out partying, I stay in and journal my intentions of the new year and usually make art. This year I plan on a soul collage. Maybe a few. I have some wonderful new journeys coming up in the new year. Travel and work.
So today, my intention is to go through some magazines which I have been collecting, pulling out those images that reflect who I am and what I love and what I want to move towards. What I want more of in my life.
I feel we are moving into a lots of change this year. Good positive change.


Lisa said...

That's a great idea for New Year's Eve! I know that this will be the best year yet!!

Mai-Liis said...

I believe 2008 will be an extraordinary year, though for me, it's going to be difficult to top 2007. You know the big change forecast for 2012? Bruce Lipton says that the calendar is "off", and it is actually 2008. He is a scientist! He says it's somehow oil related. Not everyone will survive. It's a new beginning.
Interestingly enough, he, along with an American shaman, is taking a group to Egypt in 2008.

Doe Grozs Art said...

We are having some major planetary shifts. Pluto, the planet of transformation is leaving Saggitarius (sign of travel, where a lot was transformed in the past few years) and moving into Capricorn, which rules major corporations... oh yeah, watch out all you unethical, corrupt corporations... here come Pluto!
He hangs out there for about 15 or 16 years.
so it's interesting that he said '08, and Pluto isn't the only one moving and changing signs.

Carmen said...


Mai-Liis said...

Am I understanding correctly that an unusual number of planets are shifting? Planets which which have not shifted in many years?
The Lipton...and also shaman....forecast is to go back to a simpler, community oriented life in which those who cooperate will survive and flourish as never before. Abraham/Hicks talks about this, also.
Do you see this indicated by the planetary shifts?

My interest is in forecasting as carefully as possible, and then looking back for accuracy.