A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Light, Love, Peace

One of my favorite places on earth is to be in this place. I consider it my sacred place. There is something on about river stones. Smooth. Round. The colors are so sublte ranging from tones of oranges,pinks and purples to gray blues and white. I collect them. Paint on them. Enjoy them.
We discovered Menla where a Buddhist retreat is and found this Buddha statue there... so peaceful.
I could use some more Light, Love, and Peace.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Full Moon eclipse

Universal Transit Tidbit ... for August 28th, 2007
Have you been feeling the mellow buzz in the air? Or would it be in the sea (of emotions)? Today we experience a
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 6:35 AM EDT. The intensity has been building for the last couple of days, and to me it feels as thought it has somewhat cleared away. This Lunar Eclipse takes place at 4 Degrees of Pisces 46 minutes. (Chart of Lunar Eclipse)
This particular
Lunar Eclipse is asking us to release that which no longer serves your highest interests. This is not an easy task, for if the universe is asking us to let go, that must mean that we are holding on to tightly, and when our grasp is so firm, it may feel uncomfortable to release or transform a situation, person, place or thing from our life. Pisces pulls in vibrations that are not known to us, for it deals with the spiritual realities, karma and the unconscious mind. When taping into the unconscious mind, we may find it difficult to understand the ‘why’ we must let go. There is no logic that will make sense at this point, one must feel their way through the process and trust in the universal synchronicities that are being sent to them.
For in many ways it is our heart asking us to make the changes that are necessary in life, the changes that one may not like on the surface level or short term outcome. But look to the stars, the hopes that lie within your heart center, find how a short term outcome can have a drastic impact on the long term results.
For things in life must come to an end at times, and then those ends will eventually start a new beginning. Perhaps your current situation and the drastic emotions felt around it are stopping you from being all that you can be, so the removal of something, or the awareness of it’s unhealthy aspect, will aid in the alignment of your Souls desire.
Allow the process to unfold naturally and every time you find it difficult on an emotional or spiritual level, ask yourself… WHY? Why is it difficult for you, look back to the cycles within your life and you will see clearly the pattern, you will see how to break the pattern that you keep repeating. For if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same result. So in the end realize, if you desire a different end result, then you must change what your are doing.
This sums up what I have been feeling lately. I am expecting some changes, but I know I need to release some bad habits, physically, emotionally - it helps me by clearing out some physical stuff. With each non-essential object I can release my "holding on".

We spent some time on the Esopus throwing stones and with each stone, with it went a worry or fear - a "heavy energy". In The Andean Way, Delgado writes about the people leaving stones, piled one on top another, on their way to the shrines in the mountains. Each stone represents a sorrow, fear, guilt or some other heavy energy that one wants to leave behind. They are called apachetas which means "Take it away".

Monday, August 27, 2007

After seeing a deeply disturbing photo exhibit in Woodstock by a photojournalist in Darfur, I needed to settle my emotions with something uplifting. I chased butterflies.
Our vacation on the whole was very rejuvenating. It was a relaxing one and we stayed put more often than running around. Contemplative.
Reflecting on the year, I'm looking at what I can release from my life. Today I laughed when I read, "repair it or let it go" having to do with this full moon eclipse. It's a Pisces/Virgo polarity and I have been clearing out stuff.
We brought 3 bags of books to a church thrift shop today, more will follow. It feels good to let go of things, to see things with new eyes. I'm not feeling so needy.
I am releasing the idea that I might need that. When the time comes, if it is something I need, I'm sure the universe will provide it. Past experience has proven it to be so.
I have a stamp that quotes the comedian, Steven Wright, "You can't have everything. Where will you put it?"
The practical end of it is I am running out of room!
I want to paint again. On canvas.
I need space for that.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

RI Beaches

The beaches in RI are so much nicer than the one we have here. I live five minutes, maybe ten, from the beach in Rye, but rarely go. If I do, it's usually off season so I don't have to pay to park. I like beaches when there are few people, when the sun is setting and you can hear the waves.
In RI, you can walk pretty far along the edge of the water. Here, you cannot without running into a fence, a fence to divide the haves from the have-nots. Shame.
The beaches are a lot cleaner in RI. On the beach we found in Galilee, there were no garbage pails. That meant, if you take it in, you take it out. Here, you will find garbage all over the beach, pails filled to over flowing on a busy day. A pail within 5 feet and someone will just leave their garbage. Shame.
It's why I like the off season- cleaner, quieter.
I like that I have access to water even though I am not a water person. I don't swim. But I seem to need it and am drawn to it lately. I'm more comfortable by the Esopus, lying on a rock, feet dangling. The ocean scares me - too powerful. I like to be the observer and watch it, rather than participate with it. Walking along the edge, I could feel it's strength pulling me. I want some of that power, that strength but I am respectful of it and take it in small doses.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Narragansett House

We are back.
I was thinking how connected I was on this vacation to water. First the Esopus, then the Atlantic Ocean. My readings coincided with this as well. Second chakra in Susan's book and reading Foolsgold by Susan Woolridge. (the part where she loses her keys to the wave that takes her by surprise - not paying attention)
Connection, paying attention. Listening.
During the school year, which is how I measure my years from beginning to end, I am filled with a constant noise of, "what's next?", "where am I today?", who, what, when, where....
this vacation was the opposite. Nothing was planned. Maybe we would end up where we intended to go and maybe not. Moment by moment. Deciding in the moment. Little decision-making at all, the hardest being what to get off the menu.
Even that was easy at times. Salmon at Turtle Soup - didn't even need the menu!
It is usually at these times that I feel most blessed. The cabin in the mountains is great, but this house - this beautiful house that I watched go from a little bungalow to a most beautiful, comfortable 3-story gem is pure delight.
I barter for it.
I paint tiles which are placed throughout the house. Kitchen, bathrooms, tile coasters placed strategically through the whole house. It's a good working deal. He's happy. We're happy.

On the way to Wickford, a great little shopping village with one of the last stamp stores remaining called Chica Ink, we stop by the side of the road to see these lotus blossoms.
To keep this feeling, I set an intention for myself to pay more attention - attention to myself and how I am feeling, more attention to others, to really listen and pay attention to what they are saying. (Might help me to remember names too)
Pay attention to the environment, to all the little messages the world has to tell me.

Monday, August 20, 2007

cloud watching and silly John

John went into the "zone" chanting and dancing and having a grand '0l time making me laugh. I thought the camera was on "video", but I messed it up... just the silly shots


This is where they go tubing. Some of the water is very calm and some of it pretty turbulent. it's fun watching the tubers.........

fun watching John practicing his bird calls too.


One week of wonderful weather, listening to the sounds of water and birds and laughter. Phoenicia is such a wonderful place. Most go for the fishing and tubing the Esopus. We stay in a cabin and each morning after coffee and some homemade pie, we'd walk to the water and drink in the splendor of the site. Soaking in the warmth of the sun, sometimes feet dangling in the water, listening to the rushing river, feeling the gentle breeze on the skin... just blissful!
On the walk back to the cabin, we were greeted by the smiling happy house.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Camp is done.

Last day of camp.
Some kids I will miss. In previous years, I dreaded having the older boys come to art. They just weren't into it. They would rather do sports and half the time they didn't show up and it was just fine by me....
This year, it was different. They were so creative they would come up with new projects for themselves and if they were near my tent, they would come over and start creating something. Not only that, they were helpful! Quick to smile. They would actually ask me if they could stay and help.
The Universe had changed!
And they were game for almost anything.
Some even wanted to weave and did so. And some stuck it out and actually finished it. Today we cut it off the cardboard loom.
I think he may have come up with a new fashion statement.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

While in art today, one of the councelors found a frog.


I love frogs. I would have liked to take him home to put in the pond, but he was keeping him. He set up a little environment for him.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Saying goodbye

Camp is winding down. I had a long day and the last period seemed to be twice the size. The fifth grade boys came into the tent to create. They have become quite comfortable there. They had art this morning and Jake came up with an idea of making mops with yarn and dowels. They created a mess somewhere in the park and they were to clean it up, so instead of this being a chore, they chose to have fun with it. Jake is filled with ideas that the rest of the group fondly follow. He had all the boys make a chain of loopers ( we used to make pot holders with them). The chain was 10 yrds. short of the football field. They love art.

My sad part of the day is about this little 3rd grade girl. She and her brother were brought here from Russia. They were in an orphanage there, but for some reason, they are going back tomorrow. From what I learned today they must go back but can return in Feb. In just a few short weeks, I have seen this girl go from quiet, shy, hardly smiling at all to really opening up. Now you can see her beautiful smile, and is very playful. She's comfortable at camp and works at communicating. She is so sweet.

How can someone go back after having a taste of this life. I am praying she has a quick return back here.

As much as camp drains me, I always miss the kids.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday, not so yellow

Last yoga class for the session, Hey, my yoga bag is yellow. My friend and student, Ana, made it for me as a gift when I finished my yoga teacher certification....
Hot humid and rainy day. No yellow sun today!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The following is from Rob Breszney's http://www.freewillastrology.com/ and although it is for Aquarius, it most certainly is good for anyone and at anytime.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): It's the Season of Burning, Churning Yearning. Here are three of the most important things I've ever told you about how to get what you need.
(1) If you don't precisely articulate your conscious desires, your unconscious patterns will come true instead.
(2) If you want your conscious desires to trump your unconscious patterns, speak or write your conscious desires every day.
(3) It's better to have three huge, soaring, potent desires than 25 puny, scrabbling, half-assed desires.

Maybe I have too many half-assed desires.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Susan's book

When I went to meditation today, Susan gave me her book. Very exciting... and inside it says, illustrations by Doreen Grozinger... how cool :-)

It is at www.Amazon.com


Friday, August 03, 2007


My CIT at camp is obsessed with beads. Fortunately I order them in bulk and she may have gone through a bag herself.
The thing is, when she is in this zone of creating, as much as I may want her to help me, understanding the creative process, I leave her alone.
Today she started a weaving and added beads to that as well. Last year she made a bag using the yarn and beads. This is smaller and what started out as a water bottle carrier.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Creating a Happy Heart

What creates the happy heart?
I had the morning off to take my mom to an appointment. After that I had 2 classes at camp, but when I arrived, TJ had cancelled art (5th gr. boys) and put them in the pool. I hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot when he said,"Go home, take the rest of the day."
I love you TJ.
I smiled all the way home, deciding to stop by a clients house to leave a bill with her. I did take a detour to check out a new bead store. Bought just a few unusual beads.
It's nice to be home. I actually cleaned a little.
But it got me to thinking what makes me happy.
Taking pictures.
I wanted to take a picture of the luscious green beads in the store, but they couldn't allow it as they are a franchise. No matter, I was happy to have some free time.
Free time makes me happy. I like to be able to come and go as I please as I am sure most people do. During the school year, my schedule allows me more free time - NOT the summer, which is why this thought is so prevalent in my mind right now.
If I were happy more often, I probably wouldn't be thinking of it and how to have more of it.
The thing is I LIKE teaching art to kids, just not one class after another and having to clean up and set up and clean up and set up... I don't like doing that for myself either.
I do have 2 helpers that make it a little easier, but by the 4th week, I am kind of burnt and I am sure the heat and humidity play an enormous part as I have to do this outside under a tent.
And not for nothing, but navy blue and orange absorb the heat of the sun. Didn't anyone think on this?
A little more cleaning and then some art.
Art makes me happy.
Creating makes me happy.
Having a clean, organized space makes me happy (getting there doesn't).
Travel makes me happy - really happy, but Johnny boy won't fly and that make me unhappy. We'll work on that one.