A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm back :-)

After a most wonderful yoga class, I continued with meditation. After class and a short relaxation, there is an option to stay and take the meditation class which is geared to suit our needs. Susan chose a meditation through the chakras where you would meet a "guide", be it animal, an ancestor, a saint... or whatever appears to you.
The images that came to me were mostly animals.
The first chakra, Snake came to me. His message was that I needed to move more. Walk. I move enough, but it is in and out of the car, short trips in and out of places. I found Snake in the jungle, which to me meant, Walk in Nature more. Walking clears the head and I have become lazy with this. I thanked him and said good-bye. I will at least go out for a walk, even if it's around the block.
We spiraled up to the 2nd chakra, where Turtle appeared. He seemed to be reiterating what Snake said. "You need to come out of your shell, your home, your comfort zone. If you want to move, you need to reach out, be courageous. Move. Act."
Hyena took his time to materialize at the 3rd chakra. He seemed unable to commit! But soon he was clear. "Don't take it so seriously. Laugh more!"
At the heart center, in the 4th chakra, what appeared first were large eyes, then moving away to reveal the side of a face. A lion's face. An image of a male lion appeared lying down. Maybe he had just opened his eyes. His message to me was, "When you need to rest, rest. Work when you have to work. Balance them".
I did not see an animal at the 5th, throat chakra, but a name, Peter, came to me. I only saw light, a sphere of light, more like "spirit". My message was to trust my own "Voice" - shine.
Eagle appeared in the 6th, third eye center. Take in the bigger picture. (I have been caught in too many details) Changing my perspective, my perception of things, I can view it from a different angle. I had an insight here about my whiny, resistant behaviour to clearing out the closets where I work. This was actually a good thing for me, but I fought it as hard as I could until I couldn't any longer. The Universe, through the use of Ron, said "enough". You need to move through this, clear out the old stuff (aka, useless crap). Now I was being grateful for this.
At the crown, was butterfly. "Be Light. Time for change and transformation."
The tools are there: move in order to act, but act with lightness, balance and in joy. Come out of your shell and shine. Be true to yourself. Play. Laugh, and it will transform into beauty and joy.
This is what happens when I give time to myself.
Take time for yourself.


Mich said...

Your meditation sounds amazing! If you're interested in working more with the chakras, we've been going through them over at Rainbow Dreams.

I start teaching Chakradance in February ... I love working with the chakras!


Mai-Liis said...

What a wonderful meditation! I am so happy for you.

Carmen said...

I am giving you some time in my blog to celebrate you!!!
You got an award for being a light in my life.
Thank you!

Kate I said...

Your meditation sounds wonderful! I love the Power Animal Medicine cards too and Carrie Hart has a great site at http://www.poweranimalsunleashed.com/ for finding your power animal and receiving it's message...fun and interesting!