A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Solar Return

Sun has returned to the place of my birth... Happy Birthday to me :-)
and it has been a happy one. Wonderful cards and gifts. I have the day off to create.
Life is Good :-)

Mercury In The Solar Return Chart
Mercury Aspects Neptune
Neptune in aspect to Mercury in the solar return chart suggests working with the less clearly defined psychological drives such as compassion, creativity, and spirituality. Your sensitivity to subtle emotional connections among all people increases your concern for certain individuals in particular and humanity as a whole. You are able to acquire information through intuitive and psychic insights. Dealing with these subtle themes can lead to some uncertainty and confusion in the thinking process. Increased intuitive or psychic awareness can precede the ability to weigh this information for its accuracy. It is sometimes difficult to discriminate between what is really psychic and what is more closely akin to worry, fear, or false hope. It is also difficult to find practical applications for idealistic concepts and inspirations which are represented by this combination. Therefore, stress can sometimes be associated with the more spiritual manifestations of Neptune-Mercury aspects.

I'm counteracting that "uncertainty and confusion" with
I treated this statement like a mantra yesterday and noticed that my path was actually very clear as I drove yesterday... I call it a "green light" day.
I had given into the faith that I would know what to do for classes as well. Learning as I went along last night, I know now how I need to alter my approach. I'm finding my groove in this new studio, acclimating myself. It's new. It's exciting. I'm open to possibilities and I'm growing.
This is going to be a great year!

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JoTee said...

Happy Birthday Doe!!!!!!!!!!!

The planets right now are playing havoc with me & my creative process, hopefully that will change soon....huggies Jody