A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amantani Island

This was our home for the night. We arrived in time for lunch, which consisted of soup with potatoes in it, potatoes - a few varieties in a bowl - and small fried fish... very tasty actually.
And I do love potatoes...
Our room held three beds, a table, and a small pot under it.
No electricity. No indoor plumbing. No heat. Actually, one room had electricity and ours wasn't it.

Downstairs and outside from our room was the kitchen. A table that held 6 people comfortably. The 6 included myself, Mai-Liis, Silvia, two guys from Japan and one guy from Switzerland. Catalina, our house mother cooked for us here, on the floor, inside the small room that had no ventilation except one small window. She and her husband sat on the floor eating... hey, they were closer to the heat...

Dinner was soup, a dish of potatoes, rice and pasta which has some lima beans in there. Our discussion explained that a high carb diet helped to keep them warm. With our meals, there was always coca tea and another herb I forgot the name of. Both used for the altitude.

Breakfast was fried bread, corn on the cob.

here is our house father bringing hats for the cold evening.

The bathroom, downstairs and through the garden - did I say no electricity... no heat... no plumbing... I used the pot under the table!

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Mai-Liis said...

Oh, the bathrooms! I thought it was only a really weird dream I had! They ran out of paper in the bathroom almost immediately....but that was o.k. Everything froze and didn't need wiping.