A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Aramu Muru's doorway

This is Silvia. She is a healer and coca leaf reader. Coca leaves are considered sacred in Peru. Used more than just for altitude sickness, they bring stamina to the body, but they more importantly are used for blessings. Here she is putting together a despacho, an offering. We gathered leaves in groups of three and asked our intentions.. our wishes..
It was after reading Jorge Delgado's book, Andean Awakenings, that I knew I had to go back to Peru and come to this area.
One of the legends according to Delgado, is that the golden disc of the Inkas, the one that was in Koricancha, was taken here. It is said that Aramu Muru left this reality through this doorway and the disc with him. Other readings I have read said the disc was in Lake Titicaca.

My offering that I may be accepted here. The people of Peru have a lot of respect for the earth and spirit, not taking anything for granted or at least not having the arrogance we tend to have here in the states, thinking we can do what ever we want - feeling we are entitled to things and therefore tend to abuse the land. This is what I love here - the respect they have for Pachamama. "Please accept my offering" and all the intentions I have.

There is a little niche in the stone where I am placing my forehead. I think I was too much in my head... over thinking as is usual the case for me. Too caught up in if I were doing it "right". But I prayed.... I did a lot of praying here in Peru.

We burned our despacho, our offering. I was gratefu to be here and always asked for healings for John. It was good to have Silvia here with us. I was grateful for her. I was grateful for so very much. This is where my energy was focused.

After our ceremony, I climbed up. It was our quiet time for ourselves to go within. My climb came to a point where I stopped because I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. Hard climbing at this elevation. I sat and pondered, took some pictures. I watched two black and white birds fly together and thought immediately of my dream again. Here again is the landscape of the dream.

Below me, I realized Mai-Liis was sitting and laughed to myself. In my dream, I looked below and saw my mother's house. What is the connection between us? I entertained the thought that she may have been my mother in a past life. Hey, who knows. I sat listening to my inner voice. Repeatedly the message was to be... just be. So many times in life, I feel as if I need to have all the answers, am I on the right path? what is my purpose? who am I and why the heck am I here?????
Maybe it is to be... just be.

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Anonymous said...

Hello,i just was finding information about Aruma Mura Doorway and i wondered how you went there,did went organised with a tour
I really would like to vit tis place,i got this from the wife of my father who is very spiritual,they went on a guided tour,so she couldn,t help me further with information on how to get there.
It would be lovely to hear from u,all the best and kind regards