A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, June 20, 2008

How cold was it????

Besides eating a lot of carbs to stay warm, they also dance... there was a celebration of some sort when we got to the island, so there wasn't as many families there to greet us. These women were walking up the mountain... we had a bit of a hike to where we were staying for the night.

After lunch, Catalina went into a corner of the garden, sat down and started to knit. Her needles were just thin pieces of wire. We attempted to communicate which got a little frustrating I'm sure for both of us... and then I just watched a bit and smiled and then went off to take more photos.. The people here are very shy.
Soooo friggin' cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mermaid musings said...

i love the very first picture of her knitting