A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A chance meeting :-)

Before going to Peru, we tried to set up something where we could meet up with Jorge Delgado. The trip he was involved with was beyond our money spending intentions. He was actually going to be there at the same time though and we thought, just maybe we could hook up with him at some point... no dice.

Except the Universe obviously had other plans....

Our guide that we were originally going to have with us was replaced by Silvia who just so happened to work with Jorge Delgado. During a conversation while driving to the "doorway", Silvia called him to try to get a meeting together. It was possible he would come to Sillustani in the afternoon. We were excited about this.

Unfortunately, it didn't happen.

After coming back from this adventure, we went to the hotel and got ready for dinner. On the way to the restaurant, we stopped in a small shop to have a look and as I walked out, I literally almost ran into Silvia! One of those moments when the brain is saying, Hey don't I know you and POP! recognition... Silvia came looking for us... and what was the probability of finding us on those busy streets and many, many restaurants..... but she did. Jorge had called her to say he could meet with us. She called our hotel and obviously we weren't there and she set out to find us :-)

I really like Silvia.......

We hopped in a cab and off we went to meet Jorge Delgado in his office in Puno.

He is the author of Andean Awakenings and is the one who motivated me to want to go back to Peru. I knew I wasn't finished.

He is a warm, friendly man. We chatted, took pictures. He remembered Susan who took his workshop and gave me a special stone. One for throwing into Lake Titicaca. I was to put my intentions into the stone... which was healing for John... and that is what I did :-)
(notice the layers of clothing...it sure was cold there)


Mai-Liis said...

oooh....nice pictures!!!!

mermaid musings said...

you look so happy in that picture, your smile says it all ;-)