A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm back from Peru

I love Peru. I love the people. I love seeing a culture so very different from mine. Earthy. Warm and friendly..... but it is good to be home. Now it almost feels as if it were a dream.

We arrived in Lima very late. Our flight from Houston was delayed, due to having to change a valve on the plane. Because we landed so late, our "greeter" left.

Here we were in Lima at 2 am and no one there to greet us, not knowing where our hotel was and with no vouchers.

We received help from a taxi driver who called the number I had if we had a problem. He took us to the hotel next to the airport and found all our vouchers waiting there for us.

It wasn't the best beginning to this trip and we were tired. It was 3 am NY time and we needed to get up early for our flight to Arequipa the next morning.
Getting off the plane in Arequipa, we were greeted by these two smiling faces :-)

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mermaid musings said...

i started on Saturday reading your journal and then I came for another little while and then yesterday I got sidetracked but I am back today and finally to let you that I have been here reading you bits and pieces trying to catch with your trip which seems FABULOUS to me
p.s. the toilet thing very hotel thing to happen anywhere even in the best 5 stars, LOL
love to you ;-)