A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What brings joy?

As so many people have been reading books like The Secret, books about the Law of Attraction, Tolle's A New Earth... and more like them, I too have been more conscious of where my attention lies.

What are the things that bring me joy?

Sometimes it is the simplest of things. Watching children, seeing a smile on some one's face, getting a great photo, taking in the beauty of nature, being surrounded by landscapes that take my breath away!

Being in Peru, more often than not, I found myself in utter joy.

While staying in Kunter Wassi we ventured outside onto the narrow streets to find lots of shit to sidestep, donkeys and these cute little boys who wanted to have their picture taken.

I'm game. So I lined them up on the step and took their picture. I gave each of them 20 centimos, which is hardly anything, and watched them dance down the street. Laughing, excited to have made some money. That was joyful to watch.

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