A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, May 23, 2008


Another very cool place. I didn't climb the ruins, but instead walked around a different section that we had missed last year. Now we are seeing the crafts change a bit here. The jewelry, crafts are different from Cusco and Arequipa, but within the area, they are the same.
Notice the profile in the mountain.
Such a beautiful day... blue sky :-)
I just sent some photos to the other blog by accident.... click on A year of Art. I should really change the name of that blog as I've let that slide, doing art every day.

I really need to get back to that, not necessarily making something every day, but being creative every day.

Something, anything!! Just spending some time creating something for my self. For my Self. For my Soul..........

I think maybe an altered book on my travels may be in order here :-)

So, click on the other site.........

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Mai-Liis said...

OOH...I like this photo of myself.
Yes, it sure is not easy keeping all the blogs straight. I have lost count of the number I now have! :-)
I am trying to change my evil ways, but the possibility that I may offend someone by cursing on the wrong blog still exists.