A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heart Meditation

Wellness Wednesday.

I have been meditating/journaling in the mornings for a little bit.

This idea came to me about meditating on my heart. It came about because I had a cough and didn't sleep well for 3 nights and was working a LOT. It was a cough with a "tickle" in my throat rather than a deep congested cough (which came later). Louis Hay says for a cold, "too much going on at once- mental confusion. small hurts"

Throat and heart area. These two areas were being compromised, so I looked to these 2 chakras to see what was being unexpressed. Where was I lacking joy, my desires?

I started to list my desires and then I visualized my heart.

After seeing my heart, I visualized a door.

This door was on the left side of my heart. I entered and saw myself hanging a painting. I also saw myself painting with large sweeping strokes, as in a mural. What did this represent? my immediate thought was "to bring beauty into the world". This makes me happy. Doing my art.

I went to the right side of the heart. There was more room here and my thoughts went to "clearing out, letting go to open for the new". Is my congestion coming from that? Let go of old out-dated ideas and behaviours, release the past. I need to de-clutter more.

Next I went to the upper chamber of my heart on the left side, but I went there from the outside of my heart, up a ladder and through a window. This triggered the dream of the butterflies I had. It was my transformation dream where I saw my bedroom with a huge cocoon, from ceiling to floor, like a tent. Inside this "tent" was filled with many cocoons that transformed into caterpillars. I closed the window so they wouldn't get cold and went to the kitchen to get them some fruit.

Nourish my dreams was my message.

Upper right chamber of the heart. It was empty. But I went to the walls of my heart and noticed some blemishes. I began to smooth them away and saw people in my life that hurt me or I hurt them and said "I'm sorry" as I smoothed away the blemishes. I forgave everyone I could think of and forgave anyone that I hurt that I was unaware of and most importantly forgave myself. I ended this meditation with my arms out wide hugging a room full of my yoga students.

When I did the meditation again this morning, I saw the heart with a roof. My heart was my home.

Again, I entered in through the bottom, through a door on the left. It was warm and I found myself in the past with my father taking care of him. I did not want to do this, and found myself wincing, but I also saw it as very humbling.

I stepped into the right lower chamber into a garden. There's the beauty again! (although this time on the right side) It felt very fresh. This time I went up a stairway across to the upper left chamber (rather than the window) and I found myself at my grandmother's house, on the second floor with another dream. It was a dream I had as a child, that I could float down the stairs if I could see the colored dots. It was a magical dream. Then I saw myself eating with my grandmother. She always had food. She nurtured me, she nurtured all of us.

This brought a smile to my face.

I found going to the next, right chamber, more difficult. There was resistance as I was pushing my face into the wall of my heart, until it broke through. I squeezed the rest of my body through, not unlike giving birth. I found myself in a big empty gallery. I immediately thought of Leo Castelli's gallery in the city. But it was empty and then realized.... I could create anything I want. I saw my work hanging on the walls. They were not just paintings, but all kinds of art. Shrines and dolls and collages, my small watercolors... all of it filling the wall (which is very big).

So that is what I am offering for Wellness Wednesday. Try a heart meditation. Keep a journal close by. Maybe diagram your heart into four chambers and go in and take a look around.

I'm curious what I'll find on my next visit.


lunarmusings said...

I am crying as I type this. This is such a beautiful meditation. I feel my heart longing for a visit like this from me. Thank you so much for sharing this journey.

Carmen said...

Wonderful heartful post Doreen!