A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Moon Intentions

The new moon in Libra is in my 2nd house. This is the house of values and Libra represents beauty and balance. What do I value? Bringing beauty into the world, maintaining balance in my life. I will give you what I can, but I need to leave room for myself and what I intend to give myself this journey is time to reconnect through painting.
Painting for myself helps me to discover the inner workings of who I am. It is when I paint from a place of allowing that this happens - unable to predict what will appear, I am more often surprised by what does show up. It's usually quite enlightening.
Paint for You. Paint for Me. That is where the balance needs to come in.
Rebecca inspired me to do this. She is on her own journey with putting her art out there. Take a look.
Painting to discover.
Painting as meditation.
Painting to reconnect... that is my intention.

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lunarmusings said...

Blessed be! How wonderful to see an others lunar work in the blogging world!

love love love,