A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sometimes I find these pretty lame quizes but do them anyway... but it is pasting the code that brings out the crazy, determined part of me. I'm going to figure this out if it takes allllll day!
Now that I took way too much time for this, I'm off to do what needs to be done - Trader Joes for coffee and maybe some Yogi tea :-)

I'm" a Hippie Yogi!a href="http://yogajournal.com/lifestyle/quizzes_and_tools/snobquiz/hippie_yogi/">http://yogajournal.com/lifestyle/quizzes_and_tools/snobquiz/hippie_yogi/">

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Carmen said...

maybe is silly to do this kind of quizzes but after all we smile with them, right?
I love the image of the girl.