A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sacred Sunday - Revisiting the Heart

Yesterday, I had asked to Universe to listen up about moving into a larger place. I received a postcard in the mail: Artists: Riverfront Living Where you Belong! It's a homemade postcard from someone selling their condo on the Hudson River. It even offers a finder's fee.

Too far north for me (cold winters). So to be more specific Universe, I would like to stay around here where I have a lot of work :-) But thanks for responding so quickly.

Today I revisited my Heart Meditation.

I first saw my painted heart which turned into a cartoonish, paper heart. Thin and fragile. Opening the wobbly, paper door, I stepped inside a room. Radiator. comfy chair and lamp. A bit Mary Englebreit-ish. Warm and safe and cozy. I picked up a large, old fashion suitcase and walked into the next (right) chamber. Paris? mmmm don't question it... just go with it. I saw myself painting. oh yes, Paris reminds me of a gathering of artists, exploring new territory, new styles. Open to learn, study.

Try something new! and Just Do It!

I took the escalator up, suitcase in hand. Like Samantha Brown going up the escalator at the airport...

I enter an attic. First my mom's, then more of an antique store, rummaging through old, fragile papers that crumble with my touch. This is not the place to be. No answers here. It's past, done, gone.

I step through to the next chamber and come face to face with a person standing there before me. It is me. She touches my shoulders. I touch her back. We reflect and then hug, hug so deeply she enters inside of me.
It's all inside of me. I have the answers within me and just need to quiet my self to listen to my Higher Self. God is within.

I felt joy and my arms opened and danced. Danced with JOY!

Today, is about being more spontaneous and allowing. No planning. Just being. Feeling. Allowing. Be open to spontaneity!


Living Out Loud said...

Yay!!!! This is it. This is it!
Thank you for sharing this with us.
I feel your joy.

Carmen said...

Great picture, the color is so rich and amazing.