A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sacred Life - Gratitude

Yesterday after a full day, coming home later than usual and kind of grumpy, my husband went and got dinner. Thank you.

I went to bed early to read and I looked to see where sacredness showed up, realizing I hadn't blogged anything. It certainly shows up in my husband and his care.

I mentally listed all the things I was grateful for...
my bed, books, my family and friends, the special areas I have given myself (meditation/journal desk), expanding art classes, happy clients, and the list went on until I fell asleep.
I start a new class today and I have a little anxiety about it, mostly because there may be a lot of kids. Do I have enough glue cups? creeps into my mind. Quiet. It will all be provided. I'm good at improvising.
Counting blessings, rather than sheep, puts one's perspective back on track. Yes. I am so grateful for so much and last night for rest.
And that brings me to Wellness Wednesday.......
Living on the east coast, I can only see sun rises over the water. This Peruvian Sunset was my first to see on the Pacific Ocean.
Today, I will remember to take breaks and rest.

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Carmen said...

Beautiful Peruvian sunrise!
I took one of a sunset this past weekend and it is so similar to yours without the tree.
You will be fine with your new class, you already set up your mind with all that gratitude coming from your heart.
I will be thinking of you, Blessings, C