A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life is Good

I love this note from the Universe...
Long, long ago, before there was even sand in the hourglass, there was a teeny, tiny dot, Doreen -- so small it was virtually invisible -- that was presented to you as a gift. At first, puzzled and perplexed, you thought it was a joke. Yet, trusting and inquisitive, your intuition led you to accept it and, before long, to carefully examine it.
And lo, after becoming extraordinarily teeny and tiny yourself, you found there was an entrance of sorts into this little treasure, in the form of a long and winding path. So inside you went, through the densest grove of ancient, moss-covered, bending oaks you will ever see. And before long, you found a shiny, gold, old-fashioned key that had been left upon a large, rounded stone, as if especially for you.
With key in hand you proceeded down the path until you arrived at a massive gate. Just above it there was a handwritten plaque for all who might pass beneath it:"Welcome to the Jungles of Time and Space, Where nothing is as it seems, yet all things are possible. Should you ever feel lost or weary, Forget not from where you have come, And follow the signs..."
Peering between the wrought iron bars, you could see the entire Milky Way Galaxy and a hundred billion galaxies beyond it. Your thoughts raced, your imagination ran wild, and as you raised your key to the sturdy, reinforced lock, slowly slipping it in, and gently turning... there was a sudden flash of light and burst of sound. Whereupon, seemingly light-years later but, in fact, no longer than an instant, you found yourself in the most beautiful human form, living on the most beautiful little planet, having a wonderful life, a wrinkle of curiosity on your brow, reading this very Note, right here and now, as Doreen Grozinger.
Talk about a sign -

The Universe

Today I want to be filled with awe in all that I see in this beautiful magnificent world.

Today I want to be filled with good cheer and spread that cheerfuness to all that I come in contact with, online and off.

Today I will take "awareness" breaks, so I can be fully conscious of what is going on within me and around me.

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Carmen said...

Today be aware...

Happy halloween!
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