A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wings of Love

A reminder of my new moon intention. This card sits at my meditation/sacred space where I do morning pages, journal and just ponder the universe....
I love this deck and book. Two sisters, Pamela and Joyce Eakins created Tarot of the Spirit.
A validation for me when I chose this card, that this is what I need to bring my focus to. Some highlights of what is written:
"... forever engaged in the search for intuitive knowledge - and the search for meaning. .. determined to create art, which will communicate his deepest feelings.
Through creating art and encouraging others to do so as well, he delivers the gift of ideas and opportunities as well as self-love and self-discovery. Water brother strives to conquer his own needs and desires through translating what he finds in the stream of the unconsciousness into art and he encourages everyone .. to tune into that stream in order to make the most of their creative talents."

So I encourage everyone to use your creative talents to bring love and beauty into the world today.
I use art to let people know who I am, as well as to help me see my Self, the deeper Self that may lie hidden and wants to be let out. Set it free, set that spirit of who you are free for all the world to see how magnificent we all are. How we are all connected. How we are all part of the One Divine.. the Divine ONE.


Jane said...

That's a really lovely card! I've got a small collection of decks. My favorite is my 36 card deck of Romany cards.

Cre8Tiva said...

i love everything written here...where did the card come from...it sounds so like the journey i am on...blessings, rebecca