A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mercury Retrograde

All the children that signed up and then some where put on a window. It ended up close to 290 kids. Proud of myself for getting them all squeezed on a window and what happens today???... one business had to bow out. Oh yeah, this freaked me out. I assigned 13 children to that store, but they ended up with a gaping hole in the front of their store and some construction going on the back and understandably could not have children paint there.
Oh shit was my only thought. Where am I going to put them.
Happy ending though. I made some window smaller, found another store and a few people had to cancel, so it worked out. Another beneficent planet ?or maybe a guardian angel helped to counteract this.
Grateful but tired.
And so very warm out. The trees are barely changing and I was sweating walking around as I was marking windows. Some stores had there air conditioners on. Feels more like early September here on the east coast. And although this is strange, I was grateful for the weather as I had to draw white boxes for the children to paint in and it's no fun to do this in the cold. Sunday is supposed to be nice too.
oh, life is so very good, even with Mercury playing havoc!

***footnote ;-)
ok, so it wasn't all Mercury... it was URANUS too!

Expect the unexpected
This can be a somewhat disruptive influence, during which you are subject to sudden upsets or to behavior that is upsetting to others. Under this influence it is quite likely that you will not follow your normal routine as on other days. There could be an automobile breaking down unexpectedly, a sudden argument or an unexpected separation from someone. The point is that you can expect the unexpected today. You are striving to break down your everyday routine, and it would be best to find ways of doing this intentionally, rather than waiting for it to happen. Let the restless spirit within you express itself. You need new air! You may very well discover a valuable aspect of yourself that you never knew existed, because you were afraid to let it come out.
The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:Sun Square Uranus , exact at 15:36 activity period from 17 October 2007 to 19 October 2007.

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