A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Actually this is about friendship....
Yesterday we went to the beach because it was 86 or something.. It was great. We had the day off, so we bought some lunch and enjoyed the beautiful day.
We watched children gather in the low tide to find what gifts the ocean left.
A man playing the bagpipes entertained us and it was such a warm sight to see... friends holding hands, discovering, sharing the dance of the Irish jig...and I too am so grateful for friendships gained.
New friends, some I will never get to meet, but never the less - a friend. How cool is that?! Internet at it's best.
I spent the weekend at my mom's house, staying in my brother's room. Nice. It was really nice waking each morning to the sound of birds, (good morn-ing, good morn-ing) the water falling in the pond out back, and picking my breakfast of figs off a tree.
Dinner too came from the garden. string beans, tomatoes and basil...
Mom's house.. were we all have stayed at various times in our adult life. Always welcome. It isn't far, a few blocks away, but sitting on the deck sometimes feels as though I am on a vacation.. especially when her neighbor has her opera turned up. Yes, I can imagine being in a villa in Italy (where my brother is right now). She isn't walking like she used to, so now we go there to help her. Life cycles. She helped us, now we help her.

Life is a dance of joyous moments strung together like pearls, each one created is given to us to appreciate, savor, and behold it's wonders and magic.

A wonderful magical day.

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Carmen said...

yes! it looks so magical I agree!