A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sacred Work

Life is sacred when you love what you do. I love working with children creating art. Children's art is wonderful, and I take great pleasure in watching them.
My concerns were quickly resolved when the director called this morning with the same concern about the size of the group. There are 32 registered in the program although they average around 25 a day. Today there were 26, but we broke the group up into 3 and 4 year olds. Good thing.
We did a simple gluing project with shapes. The piece shown is from a 4 yr. old. Very deliberate placing of shapes.
Anyone who has children or works with kids knows the big difference this one year makes in their development.
For a 3, it's about the glue!
I work with the kids for 20 sessions and then we hold an art exhibit. Last year I received a phone call from someone who wanted to buy some sculptures the kids did... Imagine selling your first piece of art at 4!
This is a big part of my life.
When work becomes play... that is sacred.
I am so glad it all worked out.
For Wellness Wednesday, I did take that break :-)


Carmen said...

If I could I will live in a world of children.
Your age group is the best time to teach anything.

Jane said...

I really loved this post! One thing I've thought about for a few years is to go back and get my masters in Fine Art or get certified to teach art. I have a BFA. Also, I love to put my children's art work around the house. I use simple glass clip frames that can be changed out easily....it's like a changing gallery around here!