A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, September 28, 2007

Allowing change-Day24

Today's weather went from hot and humid to dry, cool and breezy. Summer to Autumn in just a few hours... sometimes change comes at us quickly, but more often it comes oh so gently, quietly creeping up. What happened? Where did the time go? You were just 5 years old and now your 33.
One Sunday afternoon, we are all eating at grandma's for dinner and then some strangers are living in her house.
I'm still here. You are still here and we all move forward... watching all the changes occur, some subtle, some come at us ferociously.
Just today I saw the Japanese maple across the street from my moms. It had one orange leaf among all the green leaves. Just one.
Tomorrow that will change.
Cycles are so much more obvious to me in Autumn and Spring. I observe more, I am aware.
I want things to linger. I want to savor it, hang on to it. Not so much in winter and summer. Too extreme for me and it is fine that they pass quickly.
I want to hang on to children, savor their childishness and innocence. I watch my students change from year to year. I am watching my mother age, my son be an adult.
Where the sacredness comes in is in the allowing. Allowing it all gracefully. Accepting change, knowing with it comes renewal, growth, spiritual growth.
If it does not pass away, there cannot be seeds for the future.
I want to see it all through sacred eyes, graceful, sacred eyes.

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misti said...

Wow, you summed up how I feel on a daily basis. I can't stop fathoming how the years just whiz right on past. I often have memory flashbacks during naps on the weekend and get weepy for all those little moments that I will never enjoy again. And where will those memories end up one day?