A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day17 - Receiving

Can you receive graciously?
I am more comfortable giving rather than receiving. When I receive I am quickly wondering what I can give back in return. Thank you - a million times, sometimes does not seem enough. Many times I have intentions that I don't follow through with, but that's another story....
So today, I made sure I took a yoga class. I give classes, but it is not the same as taking/receiving the class from someone else. This morning I gave myself that gift which turned out to be such a wonderful class, followed by meditation.
It is so refreshing to take a class from someone else. I realize i could easily get into a rut with my approach. Thanks to BJ, I learned more today. My body felt so good to be stretched, and my meditation brought some good insights.
We come to the Autumnal Equinox tomorrow and the sign of Libra is all about balance.
Bringing oneself back to balance is to be able to receive as well as give or maybe it is the reverse for you?? How can you bring balance back to the body and/or to your mind? What have you been doing to an excess (work?) that needs to have its complement.....
To receive graciously is my intention.

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Carmen said...

I want to receive graciously self compassionate for my self and nourish my body before starts yelling at me for attention.
To receive graciously is my intention, too.
Thank you!