A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 12 - a.m. pages

Finally have my "sacred space" back, I so deliciously enjoyed having this morning time, with sun streaming through the window, to write and meditate. I forgot how wonderful this makes me feel to have this time for myself. I am back. Space and time to give to myself.
After writing on paper for awhile, I choose a card to meditate on from my favorite deck, Tarot of the Spirit. 2 of Fire -Convergence. "You must remember that the way will never be found through an external source, but only by looking within. You will find your answers and your true direction through peering into dark internal spaces. The dark I speak of is the field of your subconscious mind. It is all that which is unknown, all that which swims and floats in the cosmic sea, the waters below the surface of your consciousness." and the question I continually ask, "How do you really feel on the deepest level? Knowing the answer is the key to your growth." These two quotes I underlined in the book.
Convergence. Polarities coming together, crossing at a focal point, creating a birth of something new. Male and female, inside and out, yin and yang coming together - being in balance, maintaining that balance. Here is where I look to see if I am there - in balance. Taking time for myself, for study, for meditation, nurturing those needs I have for self-discovery, knowing my path. I am forever the seeker, pondering my path, my purpose.
Why am I here? Forever the question, forever seeking that answer. Am I on the right path? I look to where I receive the greatest joy and am certain I am heading in the right direction on those paths. Is there more? I feel so certain there is.
Time and space to look within - so very sacred to me.

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Carmen said...

We are spiritual warriors.

I think I am going to do some research on this deck, thanks for sharing this, great reflection, great post.