A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 6 - Kids and Art!

An important part of making one's life more sacred is to do what you love. What I love is Art and Children and I've combined them both for a wonderful way to earn some money. What could be better than that!
Today I started my first class
(on a new moon :-) and decided to have them do some mandalas. Being that it was a small class, I got to play as well.
I love doing mandalas. Last year as part of the group, "Daily Devotions", I did quite a few. They are so good for centering and when ever I came to a block of what to do next... I did a mandala.
I mostly did them with a pigma pen and twinkling H2O's. Unfortunately you don't get the same effect with a scanned image. This is a new scanner and I'm still learning........


liz elayne said...

my husband has a "coloring book" of mandalas he colors with colored pencils. love the idea of creating our own though...

Hamguin said...

This is a wonderful one!

Welcome to My Sacred Life--it's how I found my way to your blog.

I'll be back, and enjoy thinking about it!