A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Don't laugh

What was I thinking?
I am on a cleaning binge. It is so beyond past due. I have released bags and bags of books and now clothing. Some went to Goodwill and some to a thrift shop nearby.
Rather than get rid of clothing that didn't fit, I would save it for the material. I might need it someday. Hey, I could make something out of that! I could cover some books or journals. Make another bag. Do I NEED another bag???
In bed thinking, I had an idea to cover the bench that we use to climb into bed, with the leather from the blue leather pants and paint the bench. And those shoes I paid so much money for, the really cool Italian leather ones that I hardly ever wore, I am so altering them!
This morning digging even deeper, I found these. What WAS I thinking?!?
Hey, don't laugh. I do birthday parties and they made good clown shoes, but they are too tight. Yep. I'm altering them too.
When I buy these items, they are impulse buys. They made me feel good in the moment, even if I didn't wear them. It was a cry out for attention or wanting to be different.
Why I needed to let the world know this so strongly at the time was probably because I wasn't feeling it. Otherwise, why would I really need that to prove it. Yikes.
I have gleaned some very cool buttons from some jackets, though. Found stuff I thought was lost or forgotten. A virtual treasure hunt is going on.
This is going to take me awhile. One area leads to another. It's all making me realize how much stuff I have accumulated and I just don't use. What was I saving it for????
When classes start, I am going to have to be disciplined and use what I have without buying anything else that isn't essential.
Best to just stay away from the art store.
I think I am being helped by this shift of Saturn, the disciplinarian, moving into Virgo, the one who like organization.
I have Virgo rising. I like things to be organized, I'm just not good at it, or rather I have to work hard at it. Time to change my way of thinking on that :-)
Ok, now for the magazines.............

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Deborah said...

My daughter is digging the wild and crazy shoes in the pic (she's 9!) I know what you mean about needing it some day; it goes like this - "how horrible to think that I might need something and not have it and then have to go shopping! Oh, wait...I love to shop - maybe I can outgrow this habit..."

Now if only I could get The Hubby to tow the line!