A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 7 -Shrines

Morning perspective. From atop my bed in the morning, I see this wall. I have little shrines all over the apartment and you might even say the whole apartment is a shrine! When it comes time to dust, then it all gets rearranged and new intentions are brought to it.

This one is about the heart chakra. Peace and Love and Travel. It's in the travel section of the room. Inside the round box are coins from Peru, the woman in flight and a shrine I made for flying. I love travel and love flying, but my husband doesn't fly which creates a bit of a conflict, so it is with my heart I intend to resolve this. With my heart, I give to others what I can. I've been on a journey with yoga and after my certification, one of my students gave me this card with my new name, Sananda, written inside. It's a good reminder to keep giving with an open heart.
Now what I think all my shrines need are some new candles......mmmm, and I know just where to get them.
P.S. Really need to paint that wall.
On to the next shrine :-)
Funny thing happened today. I took a nice walk over to my mom and she gave me my grandmother's rosary beads along with this little tiny shrine she had. Cool. Definitely a shrine day :-)

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Carmen said...

I love shrines too, I don't have as many a you seem to have and I am planning on copying your idea about the heart chakra, Can I???
Thank you for sharing so much!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!!!