A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day19 - Sharing

Last night just before dozing off, I realized the full and satisfying day I had. I asked myself, what was sacred today. It was a busy day. A full day and I felt good, satisfied. I was out early to get my laundry done, came home to clean a bit, taught 2 art classes followed by giving a yoga class. It's more than being a teacher. It's sharing. Sharing what I know. Sharing what I love. Giving back. Passing it on.
I love sharing myself in this way.
It makes my life full.
It's a feeling of abundance, having so much that it needs to be shared... it's the overflow.
You can eat only so many figs....before you need to share with the birds.

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Carmen said...

I grew up eating figs.
They grow everywhere where I was born: Mexico
I have read your blog before about three times prior to your visit to my blog so imagine how happy your visit made me. Thank you so much!