A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 18-Intentions

or Getting what you want.
Yesterday, I wanted to use my Borders coupon, thinking I would get another CD for yoga class, but then I thought, na, I'm going to get Journal Revolution by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino. My first stop is to browse the magazines... then off to the art and craft section. No book. I looked around and found another art book before deciding to listen to some music. For the heck of it, I asked about Journal Revolution and the guy looked it up. Yes. They had it but it just came in and was probably still in the back and it may not be put out on the shelf for another day or two. On top of that there was only one copy. ONE COPY! I said... and he said I could call and reserve it...off I went to listen to music, when I heard a voice say.. would the woman who wanted Journal Revolution please come to the service desk... I smiled. I knew he found it and saw my husband coming towards me with it in his hands. He told me he heard the guy say to himself. "here it is, this is the book that woman wanted".. and my husband told him I was his wife.
I got what I wanted.
As a bonus from the Universe I also saw a calender with photographs by Steven N. Meyers. Actually they are called radiographs. http://www.xray-art.com/ We saw his work in a gallery in Woodstock, NY and would have loved to buy a piece but $$$ didn't and now I have 12 of them!
Nice when life delivers what you want.


Brigitta said...

thanks for stopping by :-) I've added your blog to my list of favourites now and will check it regularly.
Weren't you lucky with that book!! Sounds to me "the secret" is working for you ;-)
take care

linda woods said...

YAY! Somebody finally got our book! The power of intention definitely worked for you!
Karen and I both hope you will love Journal Revolution.

Jane said...

I've never heard of Journal Revolution but I'm going to Border's this week to look for it!! I'm determined to find new, exciting ways to journal. I make my own journals but I am so in awe of those artists who really incorporate lots of color and images along with the text.