A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Angkor, Cambodia

this isn't the print I bought today but it's similar. Barbara doesn't have these pictures on her website so I got similar one's from the web. Pretty cool, huh?
I wouldn't mind seeing this up close and personal!

Day 26-Filling the well

What's real?
we went to the Armonk show today. Perfect weather! Great show. This artist's booth drew a crowd. His sculptures were so realistic, they were a bit scarey.
Click on picture to get a closer look.
John bought me a photograph of this amazing tree. It caught my eye because I had this vision in meditation yesterday about a tree similar to this. It is called "Rooted in time", a photo from temples in Angkor, Cambodia that are overgrown with tree roots. Barbara Sandson http://www.barbarasandson.com/ is the photographer. So much incredible talent there today was just what I needed to fill the well, bring some inspiration back and even helping me to solve a problem...

Sacred life Day 25


Finding something that rings true to your soul.

Thank you to everyone who writes and shares their experiences, their lessons.
Rather than scan the book, I just took the pic from amazon and it's sooo small. The title is Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose by Sonia Chonquette.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Allowing change-Day24

Today's weather went from hot and humid to dry, cool and breezy. Summer to Autumn in just a few hours... sometimes change comes at us quickly, but more often it comes oh so gently, quietly creeping up. What happened? Where did the time go? You were just 5 years old and now your 33.
One Sunday afternoon, we are all eating at grandma's for dinner and then some strangers are living in her house.
I'm still here. You are still here and we all move forward... watching all the changes occur, some subtle, some come at us ferociously.
Just today I saw the Japanese maple across the street from my moms. It had one orange leaf among all the green leaves. Just one.
Tomorrow that will change.
Cycles are so much more obvious to me in Autumn and Spring. I observe more, I am aware.
I want things to linger. I want to savor it, hang on to it. Not so much in winter and summer. Too extreme for me and it is fine that they pass quickly.
I want to hang on to children, savor their childishness and innocence. I watch my students change from year to year. I am watching my mother age, my son be an adult.
Where the sacredness comes in is in the allowing. Allowing it all gracefully. Accepting change, knowing with it comes renewal, growth, spiritual growth.
If it does not pass away, there cannot be seeds for the future.
I want to see it all through sacred eyes, graceful, sacred eyes.

Sacred Life 23 - water's edge

I took a break for awhile yesterday and walked on the beach along the water. It was hot and sticky yesterday, so this was most refreshing. Refreshing the soul with quiet, peaceful sounds. The waves and the gulls - that's it.
There are times when only quiet will do. Relaxing my eyes on the horizon. Relaxing my body on the warm sand. Just me.
No phones.
No music.
Allowing my body, mind and soul to relax.
Sacred time by the waters edge, feeling empowered by this great body of water, influenced by the full moon... Refreshed and calm.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jake :-)

Cleaning up always produces treasures. I found a bunch of photos and sat for awhile, yes, reliving the past.... This is Jake who is now 33! And he still is a nature boy. Growing up, Jake was most comfortable out in the woods, in nature, with animals.

Love that kid!

A very important part of my Sacred Life

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wellness Wednesday- cleaning up

My plans were to go for a walk after finishing up some computer work, but Yikes! it's hot out and then I started cleaning the art room. I really needed to do this as I have to clean off a large space for some tiles I am painting for Emelio.

I hold on to things as if that is what is connecting me to the past... my memories. It's fun reminicing, but it takes up to much space... so it's time to let it go.

Letting go of the past, releasing the grasp... it's gone. No need to hold on. If I can't remember it in my mind, (I may regret saying this) then it's not worth remembering.

I have good intentions.

Saving magazines for collage. Saving boxes for shrines. Saving notebooks filled with information from Astrology notes to class projects, quotes and dreams. Usually the saying goes, if you haven't used it in a year or two, you probably won't. I've saved some things for at least 10 or more.

Clearing the clutter feels good, but I just may go take a walk at the beach for awhile.

Then off to yoga.

Happy Full Moon.

See more Wednesday Wellness bloggers here.
(On of my mini-murals painted in a laundry room)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day20 My Camera

I love my camera. It is recording my life. I take it everywhere with me because one never knows what will inspire.....

Blue sky. Documenting my life with photos. I've gotten out of the habit of journaling - art journaling. I write more to the effect of morning pages, brain storming my feelings, but I am inspired by Journal Revolution to get back to journaling with visuals, my art and photos. I love altering books and haven't done that for awhile either. I don't know why I stopped. Other projects took over I guess and it was just put aside. Blogging replaced it too.

Today I am grateful for another full day. My classes are growing and I feel as though I am back. Not sure where I went. I wandered off somewhere....

Sacred: my art, sharing it with others. Looking at the world through a lens, I can play. I can bring it close up to see the details I would undoubtedly miss without it. Now I can see it in detail, in amazement and wonder.

Day19 - Sharing

Last night just before dozing off, I realized the full and satisfying day I had. I asked myself, what was sacred today. It was a busy day. A full day and I felt good, satisfied. I was out early to get my laundry done, came home to clean a bit, taught 2 art classes followed by giving a yoga class. It's more than being a teacher. It's sharing. Sharing what I know. Sharing what I love. Giving back. Passing it on.
I love sharing myself in this way.
It makes my life full.
It's a feeling of abundance, having so much that it needs to be shared... it's the overflow.
You can eat only so many figs....before you need to share with the birds.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 18-Intentions

or Getting what you want.
Yesterday, I wanted to use my Borders coupon, thinking I would get another CD for yoga class, but then I thought, na, I'm going to get Journal Revolution by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino. My first stop is to browse the magazines... then off to the art and craft section. No book. I looked around and found another art book before deciding to listen to some music. For the heck of it, I asked about Journal Revolution and the guy looked it up. Yes. They had it but it just came in and was probably still in the back and it may not be put out on the shelf for another day or two. On top of that there was only one copy. ONE COPY! I said... and he said I could call and reserve it...off I went to listen to music, when I heard a voice say.. would the woman who wanted Journal Revolution please come to the service desk... I smiled. I knew he found it and saw my husband coming towards me with it in his hands. He told me he heard the guy say to himself. "here it is, this is the book that woman wanted".. and my husband told him I was his wife.
I got what I wanted.
As a bonus from the Universe I also saw a calender with photographs by Steven N. Meyers. Actually they are called radiographs. http://www.xray-art.com/ We saw his work in a gallery in Woodstock, NY and would have loved to buy a piece but $$$ didn't and now I have 12 of them!
Nice when life delivers what you want.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day17 - Receiving

Can you receive graciously?
I am more comfortable giving rather than receiving. When I receive I am quickly wondering what I can give back in return. Thank you - a million times, sometimes does not seem enough. Many times I have intentions that I don't follow through with, but that's another story....
So today, I made sure I took a yoga class. I give classes, but it is not the same as taking/receiving the class from someone else. This morning I gave myself that gift which turned out to be such a wonderful class, followed by meditation.
It is so refreshing to take a class from someone else. I realize i could easily get into a rut with my approach. Thanks to BJ, I learned more today. My body felt so good to be stretched, and my meditation brought some good insights.
We come to the Autumnal Equinox tomorrow and the sign of Libra is all about balance.
Bringing oneself back to balance is to be able to receive as well as give or maybe it is the reverse for you?? How can you bring balance back to the body and/or to your mind? What have you been doing to an excess (work?) that needs to have its complement.....
To receive graciously is my intention.

Gyotaku at Kie's home

Thank you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

see other blog :-)

OOPS. I posted my sacred life for today on the other blog... A year of Art (click on side bar). It's about diversity...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 15 - The Sacred Body

While walking yesterday, signing up merchants, one gracious merchant offered me a discount on a cut and color. I went today and it was one of the best gifts I have given myself in awhile. I tend to be on the lazy side when it comes to my appearance. I don't get dressed up, because of the work I do (paints, etc are pretty much on all my clothes). I don't put on make up anymore, either. External appearance tend to take the back seat. Comfort is essential.
I gave myself over to have a more natural color and a much better cut and I even let her put on some make-up. I had such a great time. We laughed a lot and I felt like a little girl playing dress up with a good friend.
So here's the deal. I felt great. It was so good to pamper myself. A great boost to the spirit. This has to be part of my wellness program, to treat myself to these types of things more often. The body, this temple that holds are spirit should be respected, treated to healthy food, rest, and all the things we know that are good... but I forgot about adorning it, making it look its best. This will be good for me, this Wellness Wednesday that will now become part of the Sacred Life. So much goodness.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 14- Community

Along with the Sacred Life project, I decided to join in with Wellness Wednesday at Lunar Musings.

What did I do for myself that was healthy today. WALK.

For my Sacred Life I would have to say Community.

I decided about 12 years ago, that I would stay in my own community to work - giving back to my own community rather than another town where I had no connections. I started art classes here, give yoga classes and got involved with other town fun-ctions such as Halloween Window Painting, which is what I was involved with today.

Walking from one end of town to the other, asking merchants to participate, allowing kids to paint on their windows. It was such a beautiful day to walk. Most merchants were happy to participate. It's nice to chat a little with them, seeing changes, new stores coming in, some going out.
I was offered a great deal on a much needed color and cut which I accepted. So many kind people. Life is good.

Day 13 - Play

This is not a job. This is a mission. Yesterday in art class, we played with plasticine clay and made animals. I am fortunate and blessed to work?, PLAY! creating with children.
My mission is to encourage their creativity, let them have fun and ensure them there is no right and wrong, good or bad, only self-expression. I start them off early, at age 3 and stay with it until 5th grade. (so far).
Creativity is very sacred in my life. My own and allowing others to realize their creativity as well.
What makes my soul cringe more than anything else is hearing an adult criticize a child's art. This puts a scar on ones soul that needs to be healed in many adults. Thankfully this never happened to me, but I hear many adults say, "I can't draw, or I'm not creative". Or they may be closet artists... so my mission is to make sure I give children the purest experience of creating I possibly can.
This is Edwards animal with his bowl of food. And he has a little friend by his side.
Take a look at how others see their sacred life by clicking on the button on the side. So much inspiration!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 12 - a.m. pages

Finally have my "sacred space" back, I so deliciously enjoyed having this morning time, with sun streaming through the window, to write and meditate. I forgot how wonderful this makes me feel to have this time for myself. I am back. Space and time to give to myself.
After writing on paper for awhile, I choose a card to meditate on from my favorite deck, Tarot of the Spirit. 2 of Fire -Convergence. "You must remember that the way will never be found through an external source, but only by looking within. You will find your answers and your true direction through peering into dark internal spaces. The dark I speak of is the field of your subconscious mind. It is all that which is unknown, all that which swims and floats in the cosmic sea, the waters below the surface of your consciousness." and the question I continually ask, "How do you really feel on the deepest level? Knowing the answer is the key to your growth." These two quotes I underlined in the book.
Convergence. Polarities coming together, crossing at a focal point, creating a birth of something new. Male and female, inside and out, yin and yang coming together - being in balance, maintaining that balance. Here is where I look to see if I am there - in balance. Taking time for myself, for study, for meditation, nurturing those needs I have for self-discovery, knowing my path. I am forever the seeker, pondering my path, my purpose.
Why am I here? Forever the question, forever seeking that answer. Am I on the right path? I look to where I receive the greatest joy and am certain I am heading in the right direction on those paths. Is there more? I feel so certain there is.
Time and space to look within - so very sacred to me.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 11 - Faith

One of the ways I am blessed is that we live close enough to the water and close enough to the mountains. Nothing quiets the mind like looking out at the horizon... relaxes the eyes too. We spent the afternoon here, meeting up with some old neighbors from my past and just taking in this gorgeous day. Cool, crisp, clear.
The horizon holds possibility. What is just beyond, just out of view, that may be coming towards us.. What wondrous treasures will these ships bring in?
Water, what mysteries are hidden below your surface?
Water symbolizes faith for me...
"If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat." (J. Ortberg)
It's a reminder to connect with my emotions, listen to my heart, and get out of my head.

Before that, we went to a local farmer's market and bought this cute little pie. We took it to the beach with us. The restaurant there kindly gave us some forks and a knife so we could eat it
neatly :-)
Yum. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 10 - Sacred Ordinary

Turning the ordinary into the sacred. Objects into talismans. I was having a conversation with my husband about energy, specifically how objects become energized by us. We went to a high end craft fair yesterday. I came home with chocolate sauce.

As we were leaving, he asked what my intentions going into the craft fair were. Did I intend to buy anything in particular. I told him that I didn't have any but was open to any possibilities of seeing something that I might want. (His intention was to get a belt and some beads).

He did get the belt, but not the beads. He wanted some new ones to interchange with the ones he has. I told him I liked those beads and we continued the conversation about how we energized these beads (or whatever else it may be). They become a sort of talisman, at least for me.

This led me to look at all these "sacred objects" I have around me. River rocks, gemstones, feathers...bowls. I love ceramic bowls. Bits and pieces of the ordinary (and maybe some not-so-ordinary) that I have changed into something sacred for me.

I have enough. That in itself feels very sacred to me, having enough, being content and not feeling a need for anything (material). I am trying to unload stuff from my apartment and hopefully at the same time unload emotional clutter (fear, worry). When ever I came upon something at the show I did like (and was affordable) I had to ask my self, "Do you really need that?" No, but I like it and would like to have it around. My husband asked, (being practical), "Where are you going to put it?"

This takes some pondering as mostly all our wall space, shelf space is full. He then so kindly said,"I'd rather see your artwork on the wall instead". That kind of clinched it for me.

Today I finally cleared off my morning space, where I usually do my writing. It's been in hibernation for a few months.... and now it's back!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sacred Rocks

Nice video to start the day........

We always have the option to find the sacred in everything we see and do.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day 8 - Monkeys

Ilove going to the Bronx Zoo. It was the perfect day for the zoo and it seemed everyone else had the same thought.
So after my initial irritable mood brought on by waiting in traffic, waiting in the admission line, waiting to get a drink of water...
I was then in a good space. Some of the pictures could use some cropping and now I really want a camera with a bigger zoom.
Jungle World is really cool. We love the monkeys there. There is a separate Monkey House, but we didn't go in because it was getting late. The Tigers were really active, so active that I kept missing the shots. We are inside in an enclosed "cage" and they are outside roaming around. I remember as a teen, the tigers were in these cages that would only allow them to pace back and forth.
Even the bird house, one of my favorite places, the birds fly freely, or most of them. I opened the door to see one bird on the ground in front of me. Hornbills, toucans on the top floor are behind glass.
Animals are so freakin' amazing! I mean really, all these different animals. Giraffes! turtles! zebras! elephants! polar bears! tigers! monkeys... MONKEYS!!! We should all be walking around in awe. We should all be so incredibly impressed by this, that we should all be smiling and happy and hugging one another. Maybe all the leaders of the world need a trip to the zoo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 7 -Shrines

Morning perspective. From atop my bed in the morning, I see this wall. I have little shrines all over the apartment and you might even say the whole apartment is a shrine! When it comes time to dust, then it all gets rearranged and new intentions are brought to it.

This one is about the heart chakra. Peace and Love and Travel. It's in the travel section of the room. Inside the round box are coins from Peru, the woman in flight and a shrine I made for flying. I love travel and love flying, but my husband doesn't fly which creates a bit of a conflict, so it is with my heart I intend to resolve this. With my heart, I give to others what I can. I've been on a journey with yoga and after my certification, one of my students gave me this card with my new name, Sananda, written inside. It's a good reminder to keep giving with an open heart.
Now what I think all my shrines need are some new candles......mmmm, and I know just where to get them.
P.S. Really need to paint that wall.
On to the next shrine :-)
Funny thing happened today. I took a nice walk over to my mom and she gave me my grandmother's rosary beads along with this little tiny shrine she had. Cool. Definitely a shrine day :-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 6 - Kids and Art!

An important part of making one's life more sacred is to do what you love. What I love is Art and Children and I've combined them both for a wonderful way to earn some money. What could be better than that!
Today I started my first class
(on a new moon :-) and decided to have them do some mandalas. Being that it was a small class, I got to play as well.
I love doing mandalas. Last year as part of the group, "Daily Devotions", I did quite a few. They are so good for centering and when ever I came to a block of what to do next... I did a mandala.
I mostly did them with a pigma pen and twinkling H2O's. Unfortunately you don't get the same effect with a scanned image. This is a new scanner and I'm still learning........

Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 5- Yoga and the Dali Lama

Today began the first yoga class. It's wonderful to be back. Some new students as well as many familiar faces. Teaching yoga class is a gift I get to give back t my community. My teacher before me taught for 40 years, volunteering his time. When he passed on (at 90) I decided to help teach. I went for my certification and now it is my turn to give back, following in his footsteps. I love it. It's always a learning experience. My mat is a sacred place for me. (How about those tan lines!)
But wait! A surprise for me when I got home. Besides dinner being ready for me, a gift sat on the table. To Mrs. John and to Mr. John (love it) Brushes and ink for me and a t-shirt for John along with pictures of the Dali Lama. They were from Rinchin coming back from a visit with his brother in India. (He is studying there... may be the next Dali Lama) My husband used to take care of him in his after school program. He left when he was 5 or 6 because the Dali Lama had a dream of him. He loves my husband and now his younger brother goes to this program. I love gifts. But gifts from this family are so special to me. A blessing.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Day 4 -Sharing time together

Sharing time with my husband goes to the top of my list on things that are sacred in my life. He is always there for me. He listens. He brings me back to earth when I get a bit too flighty, reminding me to take care of myself, and always there for comfort. It's one of my greatest blessings to have someone like him. Always encouraging with my creative ideas and projects. We have the greatest conversations about life, sharing in its miracles and the amazing journeys it brings us on. Life can be so astounding on this planet and it's nice to share it with someone like him.
He brings balance into my life.
He will do the tedious things I cannot handle and I will do the same for him.
He can make me laugh like no one else.
Cheers my love!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sacred Life Day 3

When I was young growing up in this yard, there was a special area I would go to. It was right behind this garden, where the fig tree is. My father had let the forsythia bush grow long so it fell forward, creating a tunnel. I would crawl into it, feeling protected in it's womb-like quietness. This was my special place, my sacred space.
This yard, this garden still holds sacredness for me. I step into and I am connected. Connected to the earth, connected to the Divine. Connected to possibilities that all seeds hold. It represents transformation and this yard/garden has gone through many transformations as I have.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Day 2- Connection

This is my sacred space. Every morning with cup in hand I go to the computer where I have the world at my finger tips.
It reminds me, no matter how far away, what time zone you're in, we are all connected. We share our feelings and moods, our ideas, poetry, art, laughter and tears. You and me are same. We all come from the same stuff, just wearing different costumes.
This instrument shows me I am not alone. I love so many of the same things you do, go through similar heart aches, and learn so very much through all the wisdom out there.
Life is good :-)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sacred Life-Day 1

What do you find sacred in life? In your own little world or the one at large...
I've decided to join this wonderful group of people who are blogging about what they find sacred. Carla of Zena Musings, began this in Aug. but I've decided to join in now and will continue until whenever... go here to check it out. or try this... http://zenamoon.typepad.com/weblog/2007/08/my-sacred-life-.html this should take you to the page that she explains what and why and how...
What brings me to a sacred place is watching children and young adults feel compassion, respect and love for life. Sometimes it is the small things in life that bring great rewards. Watching someone do the right thing, taking care of the environment and all that lives in it. Sharing this moment makes me feel good about the world.
This little frog was recued at camp by one of the young CITs.

Don't laugh

What was I thinking?
I am on a cleaning binge. It is so beyond past due. I have released bags and bags of books and now clothing. Some went to Goodwill and some to a thrift shop nearby.
Rather than get rid of clothing that didn't fit, I would save it for the material. I might need it someday. Hey, I could make something out of that! I could cover some books or journals. Make another bag. Do I NEED another bag???
In bed thinking, I had an idea to cover the bench that we use to climb into bed, with the leather from the blue leather pants and paint the bench. And those shoes I paid so much money for, the really cool Italian leather ones that I hardly ever wore, I am so altering them!
This morning digging even deeper, I found these. What WAS I thinking?!?
Hey, don't laugh. I do birthday parties and they made good clown shoes, but they are too tight. Yep. I'm altering them too.
When I buy these items, they are impulse buys. They made me feel good in the moment, even if I didn't wear them. It was a cry out for attention or wanting to be different.
Why I needed to let the world know this so strongly at the time was probably because I wasn't feeling it. Otherwise, why would I really need that to prove it. Yikes.
I have gleaned some very cool buttons from some jackets, though. Found stuff I thought was lost or forgotten. A virtual treasure hunt is going on.
This is going to take me awhile. One area leads to another. It's all making me realize how much stuff I have accumulated and I just don't use. What was I saving it for????
When classes start, I am going to have to be disciplined and use what I have without buying anything else that isn't essential.
Best to just stay away from the art store.
I think I am being helped by this shift of Saturn, the disciplinarian, moving into Virgo, the one who like organization.
I have Virgo rising. I like things to be organized, I'm just not good at it, or rather I have to work hard at it. Time to change my way of thinking on that :-)
Ok, now for the magazines.............

Mandala Lily

A reminder to look within.
A time to reflect about what it is I am truly about, my desires and passions, and the deeper question: What is my purpose?
To live with the most joy in my heart. To find that which allows my heart to be open and filled with bliss and wonder.
I know some of it, but I desire to find more.
What fills your heart to overflowing?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sweet Life

I love figs

My favorite time of year. The garden gives it's rewards. The sky is clear blue and the trees show a hint of change. It's still hot, but not ridiculously humid.
And everyone has gone back to work and school. My schedule eases us as I gradually start my classes. First yoga, then art classes. I have some playtime for myself and my schedule has more predictability to it.
The beach is more pleasant for me, quieter. It now becomes a place for me to go and ponder. Read. Journal.
Now it becomes a sacred place - a place for me to get in touch with my emotional side.
What wonders will this year hold..