A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Children of Peru

Walking around in the square, I was enthralled by the people. Laying out their wares on blankets, eagerly waiting to sell. I bought some fava beans my sister suggested. I still have them and will use them in some artistic way because I didn't like eating them.
Inside a market, we walked around, looking at vegetables, then chicken - the whole chicken with the heads and feet still on. Walking further inside, I noticed the flys and looking around, dead animals hanging... that was a bit much for me and shaking it off, left quickly.
I saw this happy little girl dancing in the alley. I watched for awhile. Carefree and joyous. She stopped and I took her picture. With children, I always showed them their picture in the camera after I had taken it. It was cool watching their reaction. Children were one of my favorite subjects.

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JoTee said...

HI There, so happy that you are back home safe & sound, your stories are wonderful & the photo's are very colorful...can't wait to see & hear more...welcome home...