A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hills of Cusco

This was the narrow street in the San Blas area of Cusco. Hilly streets and narrow so one would be wise to get out of the way when a car came.

We would go in and out of stores on the way up to the square.
The balconies were really beautiful and we noticed small wooden duplicates of them in these stores. Not the most practical to pack though.
Some of the areas would go deep into a courtyard area. The two children sitting drew my attention. We walked in looking at what was for sale. I almost bought a hat.

I think he got a kick out of me taking the picture.

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Anonymous said...

I too visited Cusco and Jesus de Jairo this amazing man in 2005
I found myself across his door and couldn't resist finding out what he sells ( it looked handmade and artsy). The store looked closed, so we decided to leave. At that moment he opened the door let me and my friend in. He gave her the orange type aura analysis and a fish looking amulet.
For me the reading exprerience was far more exciting than what he said. when he passed his fingers across my head a sort of lightning of electricity sparked making a sound and being viable so the the whole thing turned very intense. He found that part amusing, started laughing his head off and he said my true age, is not 25 he said I am really old spirit, older than him.He moved on to my hands and I felt all my body energy directed and focused there and he told me I can use my hands therapeutically. He gave me the condor story, white witch, butterfly and crazy boy story but told me my story goes so far back he cannot see. I have to agree the combination of stereotypes can describe me and why not million other people. He did answer questions we had on our mind but chose not to ask.He suggested I use the condor feather and metal stones type necklace and do the ritual.
I asked him about ayahuaska and He told me he does run ayahuaska sessions, he explained that it is through the sessions and the jewelry he funds an orphanage,but he advised me not to try Ayuahaska, he said for me Ayuahaska could do nothing I hadn't done already, only harm my energy field. We also spoke about the ecological damage through in Machu Pichu, and the way he portrays it in his art. he made us a better price for the condor jewlery that honestly I found a very impressive piece with the stones, claw and feather and for the fish looking absorbing and diffusing.
I was told to send him the jewlery if anything happens, I avoided a crash but the amulet was torn to pieces at the same moment and not being touched. Days later, I had a interesting dream of him telling me to keep the ceremony as the necklace was only an idea, a symbol.
he looked very smart, if he is a good salesman as well he wouldn't repeat the exact same stories, so maybe could be a good reason why he repeats same stories and maybe it is not because he is evil or something. Just contemplate
A. He teaches that there is no dogma, a man can be both bad and good, a man can tell both lies and the truth.
B. He makes you aware of selective human nature. As one can focus either in the good part of this experience (specific info about Peruvian life or healing plants, great experience energy wise and mystery wise, a good boost and a laugh, specific info about you that makes it easier for you accept who you are ( I don't mean the condor bit!) or the bad part (same story).
C. He makes you aware of your own issues, for me it is being disappointed, I was disappointed when I first read the stories, but didn't develop a bad feeling about him, as I believe that what how feel when you are with somebody is most times a better indicator of the truth than reality ( which is subjective to the eyes and ears of the beholder).
D. You get a very ( even negatively ) heavily marketed unique handmade piece of Jewlerry, worth maybe thousand of dollars $$$$$!! in some years from now, actually since as mentioned before he does not force anyone to buy, he should sell them more expensive.
People are ready to criticize forgetting the best of their experiences.
Doubts? Well if it ain't analysis that gets the better of you maybe you will one day celebrate you once got to meet this guy.