A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, May 24, 2007

On to Cusco

Never missing an opportunity to sell.........
Whenever we stopped, they were there holding up their woven items for all to see. This is a country of sales people!

This mask was worn by the dancer on the train. We saw the same mask worn in parades as well. There costumes were very colorful. You'll see more of them soon.

Arriving in Poroy. This child was sitting there at the station.
Kate and the driver drove us to Cusco to Casa Andina Plaza Hotel. The location was good, but the room was really small. A small room with 2 double beds. When you opened the door to get in, it would hit the bed. There was a closet, thankfully, that I put my bags in.
The view on the other had was amazing. It was dark when we arrived and the lights of the church and on the hills was so cool. In the distance was a statue of Christ on a hill all lit up. We were ready for another adventure.

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