A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lima tour

Veronica picked us up around 9am. First we needed our breakfast and she joined us along with Lillian. We did not want to tour museums and churchs and Lillian helped to clarify our desires. We went to the Indian market. I wanted to find some milagros and Mai-Liis was looking for pieces for her shrines as well.
Before going there, we stopped at a park where "quess who" had this sculpture.
I recognized Victor Delfin's work right away. This was called the park of lovers. They held a kissing contest here every year. Think the record was 30 minutes.
One thing I did find interesting was this temple ruins in the middle of the city. A road cut through the ruins. Older than Machu Picchu but I forgot how old. amazing. Interesting is how the bricks were laid. Upright like books. I kept thinking that Uncle Tony would like this trip.

We did stop in one church before our shopping adventure.
I was surprised we could take flash pictures here.
Lots of gold, lots of art.
One initially is overwhelmed by this kind of sight, but eventually the thoughts begin to slip in... How many mouths would this feed?
How much material wealth do we need before we say "enough" and begin to share the wealth with others?
One thing Peru has taught me, besides being grateful for what I have, is that I don't really need all this stuff to be happy. Intellectually I knew it, but seeing another culture live with such simplicity awakens the emotional reality of it. We are brainwashed into believing we need all this material stuff to make us happy. We don't. We need love and laughter and friendships. We need shelter and food and comfortable clothes. We need nature, fresh water and sunlight and clean air to breathe. We need to surround ourselves with beauty, honesty, a safe environment. We need to do what makes our hearts happy. Do what you do for the love of it.
And then what did I do next?

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