A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, May 18, 2007

Not your ususal traffic....

How's that for a blue sky? This is Mai-Liis at Moray. After leaving there, we drove to Maras. These roads were even scarier than the previous ones. Our driver had to back up to make an extremely tight hairpin turn. At one point had to get out of the car to remove rocks on the road. We ended up at these salt mines. What wasn't told to us was that these places cost money to get in. Not a lot, but it was a bit annoying and then we realized, it wasn't just the place to take pictures, but there was always some one there to sell us stuff. The place in Maras was a more sophisticated shop, with quality merchandise and of course higher cost items. I did buy a ceramic mug here. It was of a woman flying, so I had to get it! I also bought my first T-shirt for John. I always buy T-shirts on my trips and I just wasn't seeing anything I liked......

This was getting to be a familiar site. After taking pictures of the animals on the road, one young man wanted me to pay him. I gave him my apple.

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